Zik Analytics Competitor Watchlist | Snipe eBay Dropshippers

Zik Analytics Competitor Watchlist | Snipe eBay Dropshippers

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This video is a continuation on my Zik Analytics Playlist where I go over the program and give advice on how to succeed using it.
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29 Thoughts to “Zik Analytics Competitor Watchlist | Snipe eBay Dropshippers”

  1. #videomarathon I tried zip got a lot of rubbish. I guess I have to go back

  2. Thanks for the great videos! 😊

    I'm new to DS.

    Could you please post a video on how to do break even and profit % calculations?

    Also, could you do a quick video on title optimization?

    Kind regards!

  3. I just signed up with your affiliate link. Please make a series of ZikAnalytics!!!

  4. Just signed up with Zik last night. More videos on the software and process of sourcing would be πŸ‘πŸ». My favorite channel about drop shipping on YouTube. Thanks for everything

  5. Maybe make a video about Zik with an over the shoulder approach on how to set up auto list with competition watch list. Just a thought. Thanks for the valuable content. It's extremely helpful. Rex T.

  6. How do you train your VA’s and at what point do you hire.

  7. Yup . zik analytics and product research.

  8. I tax exempt too. But I trying to figure out how to cover taxes for California and New York since that two states I have most trouble with.

  9. What do u use for break even point on zik. I using 15 percent.

  10. How do u caluate the sales price for ur items that cover taxes.

  11. I have a question, let's say that someone ordered something and he received the item with the original price from the supplier, and then he realized he got tricked out and wants a refund… what do I do???

  12. A F

    So you're claiming you can go from 0 – 20k in sales on a brand new ebay account in 1 month?

  13. Hey Tom nice vid been loving Zik since I got it last week with your affiliate code. Quick question in the case where you ship an item to the wrong person is there any recourse? I sent it to another buyer of another item. Should I just let it go and repurchase? Its not expensive, just wondering what you would do? Thanks

  14. Hey Tom ,a video on dealing with selling an item on a dip,when amazon takes a dive on price and someone buys it from you at the low price,repricer takes hours to catch up and your left with a loss.dsm repricer done it a few times thats why i am trying others or is that just part of the biz,or if you have a comment.Thanks much

  15. Item sourcing forsure, especially how to stop finding items with low profit or dead profit items.

  16. 1) Yes please make more Zik videos, but with more detail. For example, once you find your sellers if you could show a step by step on what to do next. I know you are supposed to scan their username into the competitor research, but is there a way to auto upload the items to your repricer tool? Or do you manually copy and paste the titles? 2) Yes please do a video on what NOT to do. That would be awesome.

  17. More SaleFreak tutorials If you can.

  18. I am just wondering alot of dropshippers claim that they make X amount of sales / money each month, but do make a full time living dropshipping do profile more then $3,000 month.

  19. EVERYTHING…all your content is gold man

  20. Yes please! More videos about utilizing zik analytics and sale freaks together to source items. Thank you!

  21. More vids on Zik (already using it) and a vid or vids what you should be doing to get ready for the upcoming 4th Quarter, Christmas. This will be my first one.

  22. Do I need Zik to go along with salesfreaks, or does salesfreaks have their own type of zik analytics per se?

  23. hey good video tom, it would be great more videos of sales freak

  24. Would like more don't ask stupid-ass questions video. Yes, please.

  25. Number one topics in all facebook groups is where to get products or how to find products…sources..ECT…you can never do enough videos on that subject

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