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You Shouldn't Be Selling Books On Amazon FBA – Here's 5 Reasons Why

You Shouldn't Be Selling Books On Amazon FBA – Here's 5 Reasons Why

Let’s talk about something that’s not often talked about. The reasons you SHOULD NOT sell used books on Amazon FBA.

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25 thoughts on “You Shouldn't Be Selling Books On Amazon FBA – Here's 5 Reasons Why

  1. Jay

    balanced vid, i still plan to sell books for a time with PL and wholesale in the future

  2. so the whole video is a big contradiction. All your reasons to support the statement in the title were qualified with an "if" this, "if" that. And it was only if you were an immature sissy. Lol, but at least your swore it's not click bait.

  3. Consistently is always the key to success.

  4. I made 50k this year selling on Amazon

  5. I have a friend who is very capable but has certain disabilities and is at home all day so his wife and I help out with computer stuff. He owns 250 books he would like to sell. He took care of them, they are in good shape. History, art, architecture and music books – he is a classical musician and a lot of them are picture books. So let's say that these books can be sold for $40 each average – and I'm guessing at the very low end but I know some of them are beautiful and look like they cost him $80 or more, and others in the music field are hard to find and he bought them years ago for a song but in looking at their prices on Amazon now, he tells me he can set the price at 10 times what he paid for them and still be lower than books of equal condition already for sale. He is willing to sell them over a 4-5 year period. So if my guess is right and he sold them all at that average amount, his gross sale would be $10,000. He and his wife would do the fulfillment. No advertising, I think. They also have a few nice items that are not books – some collectible Americana kitchen items from decades ago – but that might mean he would have to sign up in a different category, too but that could potentially bring him maybe another $4000 gross. Anyway, would he even net half of that 10K? if he sold one item per week in five years he would sell them all. And an extra thousand or two per year would mean a lot to him. Anyway – is used book selling only for those who keep buying books? Or can it work for someone who just owns a bunch of books and has done some research and sees that about 250 of them look marketable, and he just wants to sell off what he already has? General answers are fine.

  6. i'll make this simple you will make MORE WORKING AT MCDONALDS…

  7. A good way to be consistent get a job at a recycling factory for paper they have thousands of books that they just scrap most are brand new and worth up 100usd thats what I do but I don't use Amazon lol I made 500 off of 7 books most books here are college books 😀

  8. I cleaned out my garage of old books I bought years ago. I screwed up I didn't realize how many fees they are and the recommend sale price for the books are so low its not even profitable actually paying for them to dispose of my books.. how do you make money selling used books?

  9. Sorry sell pooload of used. Books on amazon

  10. Is it good if I buy 'This Book Loves You' from amazon now???

  11. I like the demolitia shirt!

  12. I start to buy book after open a amazon seller account in 1. Day of this months. I used scuitiq to find profitable ones and check them from seller app. Everything was okay but 3 days later when i want to list them i realize that all of them are RESTRICTED. So i reached Amazon they said put right tax address so i did. But it still says all of them are restricted. I can not list any of them. Therefore i went new thrift stores scan with ScoutIQ and after I saw all of the books that i found are restricted again. That is my question is it possible that all book I find from 10 different store are restricted?

  13. Your model is to physically go out there and find books(with help of souts etc). Is there still scope for finding books online? Im abroad so no possibility to travel around USA 🙂 Thanks.

  14. Amazon book seller (Books and More Books) had this to say in Oct. 2017, and I'd like your opinion: "Of the booksellers who post on this forum, few use FBA. Many have been outspoken critics of the use of
    FBA. Often, I have to add, despite their lack of firsthand experience with such. But I will readily agree with
    them now if they tell you that FBA is +not+ worth the effort for selling books, and that is by Amazon design.
    Even the ‘gurus’ – those ‘make money selling books on FBA’ bloggers who want you to buy their ebooks and
    courses – are pretty quiet these days.
    I was an FBA-only bookseller for many years, and it worked great. It was definitely worth the effort. No more.
    Used books are inherently different from any other product that’s sold on Amazon. For any used book ASIN,
    every copy is unique – it has its own condition and condition notes. You can’t just stock and restock SKUs of
    a used book because every physical book is effectively its own SKU, with its own condition and price, it
    makes its own case. So unlike brand new toys or clothes or TVs, you wouldn’t have 20 or 2,000 copies of a
    book SKU sitting in a fulfillment center; you’d just have that one-time SKU. And unlike the TVs and clothes
    and toys, Amazon would exempt the first copy of any SKU for books, knowing that unlike all these other
    items – where they sell by the hundreds or the thousands in a given period – an old book may take months
    or years to find its one buyer.
    The book business (not the +new+ book business and the top 100 bestsellers, I’m talking about old out of
    print books) doesn’t work the way that other retail businesses work and you’re not going to be able to
    guarantee that a certain percentage, even a majority, of your stock will turn in 60 days – even if you have
    excellent first-rate stock. Old books are a long tail by nature.
    At some point the people in top management at Amazon no longer understood this, or they decided that long
    tail was now out of fashion, or that used, out-of-print, antiquarian books were not something they wanted to
    keep in their fulfillment centers, because last October they ended the long-term storage fee exemption that
    books enjoyed. And that killed the FBA book business. I didn’t think it did at first, I wanted to believe it wasn’t
    so for a long, long time, or that we’d have to ‘adapt’ somehow to a new model, or raise prices, or run a leaner
    tighter ship, or that someone in the Amazon Executive Team would realize they were literally driving
    booksellers and book buyers from the site, but no – it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Bottom line:
    Amazon doesn’t want used out-of-print books in FBA. They’ve made it economically impossible for anyone to
    do so for any length of time. Many FBA booksellers have already discovered this, some are learning it now,
    and the rest will eventually catch on.
    The FBA numbers don’t add up anymore and I don’t know of any FBA-only sellers of used books who are on
    the ups these days. If someone is, I wish they would speak up and show where I am looking at it wrong.
    Someone mentioned the $10 bread-and-butter book, and no – you can’t safely sell them FBA and make a
    profit. But most old books don’t sell for a hundred dollars or more. Unless you’re building a really niche
    business, you’re not going to find that many books that sell in the three, four or more figure range. Really
    unique collectibles and truly high end antiquarian stuff aren’t suited for Amazon anyway, so outside of
    textbooks (which are being gated) and recent popular titles (which sink to that $10 range or much lower very
    quickly) it leaves you with very little to work with. Simple volume won’t do it, because the storage fees will eat
    you alive. I challenge anyone to show me otherwise. I remove more of my FBA book stock than I replace.
    Maybe Amazon wants booksellers to move to ABE. I can imagine it. I wish they would tell us their intentions.
    I feel regret about this situation because I know that I have talent as a salesman and I’d like to sell much,
    much more on Amazon – but if I do, interesting, old collectible books aren’t going to be it. And I’m not going
    to leave my books easy.
    Also: some people do still make money selling CDs and DVDs with FBA. But most sellers aren’t allowed to any more."

  15. HG

    How many books do you send in to Amazon for FBA on a monthly or weekly basis?

  16. S P

    The bottom line is it's all about #'s, the more you list the more you sell, just like any other products that you do research on, I have just begun my bookselling, cant wait to send my first shipment to amazon!!

  17. how do you sell a set ? A set of books with no individual barcodes, under one listing ?

  18. Sadly, I would advise anybody NOT to sell FBA books because FBA has devolved into a total bottom feeders' platform. No matter how low you price your books, you're going to be undercut almost immediately by multiple sellers, all the way down to where there's no profit in the books at all. Combining the bottom feeders' mentality with Amazon's own desire to see its 3rd-party sellers fail as miserably as possible as long as Amazon still makes money off of them, I would advise anybody to find a better business to get involved in. I only continue to struggle along with it now because it's the only thing I can do at the moment.

  19. Most books aren’t smelly so just put the old ones up near you before bringing home. Of course with the mask now I have to try it at home.
    Do agree that they need to understand that the target profit changes constantly. But the duds will still bring in a dollar eventually.

  20. Hey. I've shipped in 8 boxes of my first books over the last few weeks and they're stuck "delivered" but haven't been "checked in". When I look under reconciliation, it says that they can't start an investigation until December 1st, almost two months after I sent the books in.

    Supposedly this seems like an unheard-of amount of time that Amazon is taking to check in peoples items. However, I can't keep sending in stuff for 2 months before any of it even gets listed for sale. It feels like Amazon has currently destroyed this business opportunity because of how overwhelmed they are. Have you been experiencing this? Do books get lost in Amazon's warehouse? My first 200 books are all stranded inventory now for weeks…..

  21. Great video. I'll definitely incorporate some target goals.

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