WWE's Stephanie McMahon joins #GaryVee on #MarketingForTheNow!

WWE's Stephanie McMahon joins #GaryVee on #MarketingForTheNow!

VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now is our new content series offering “of the moment” perspectives and practical ideas to help guide marketers on how to modernize their marketing approach as we define the “new normal.”

As we all continue to navigate this new world we are living in, it’s now more important than ever that we continue to adapt, to pivot and to embrace what is changing in our day to day lives.

From the standstill in travel, to dating, to entertainment, to news — brands and organizations are working faster and harder than ever before to ensure they are innovating for their customers and preparing them for today, and for tomorrow.

Watch full episode here: https://youtu.be/4ZzKaLZ5Uhc

Hinge, CEO, Justin McLeod
Levi Strauss & Co, CMO, Jen Sey
News Literacy Project, Founder and CEO, Alan Miller
StockX, CMO, Deena Bahri
Uber, VP of Global Marketing, Thomas Ranese
UNTUCKit, CIO and CDO, Lockie Andrews
WWE, Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon
Musa Tariq




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5 Thoughts to “WWE's Stephanie McMahon joins #GaryVee on #MarketingForTheNow!”

  1. WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING QUESTION BUT INSISTING ON INTERRUPTING IN MIDDLE OF HER RESPONSE ECERY TIME?!?! People came to this video to hear Stephanie McMahon talk & respond. Being able to elaborate on answers w/o getting cutoff, make her know your great business guy having to deal with ‘family business’ yourself …. Respond after they’re completed talking and reference it then so they know you’re listening and not chomping at the bit to just F’n talk again dude! She runs MULTI-BILLION $ business & deserves to be respected as a woman as well as given same courtesy all interviewees should get!

    The phrase ‘Sorry to Interrupt’ over and over is Ridiculous dude! Quit interrupting to talk about yourself. This is ignorant !

  2. "she won more awards that we can mention"…..you mean daddy paid for all of them

  3. I’m curious where the line is for WWE when it comes to “don’t keep putting time and money into something that isn’t working”, vs staying the course and pushing forward with an idea or plan. Look at someone like Roman Reigns. He’s been rejected by the fans as a baby face for years, yet WWE has stayed firm in their decision to keep pushing him as a face. Is there a point where they ‘enough is enough, we’re changing course’? If not, why?

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