Writing Tips: How to Promote Yourself on Instagram

Writing Tips: How to Promote Yourself on Instagram

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You asked, I’m answering! Today, I’m talking all about Instagram and sharing my top Instagram tips for writers. If you’re not using Instagram to boost your author platform, you’re really missing out.

Let me know if I should cover any other social networks for writers in future videos!

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15 Thoughts to “Writing Tips: How to Promote Yourself on Instagram”

  1. This is a really informative video, thanks for posting 🙂 I currently only use Instagram and since I don't have a published book (I still have a long way to go), I use it more to connect with writers and book lovers and see what everyone is up to 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info… definitely would love if you had a sec to check out my insta @findingjayreace

  3. Wow, this is interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing this!! 😀 I'm lucky to find your channel through Brooke's. Already subscribed! Love your channel so far!! I write mostly fantasy-themed poetry, and am working on a dark fantasy story—> My Instagram handle is @alexwritesandsings

  4. I'm new to your channel, but great tips! @courtneycorboy

  5. Thanks for the tips, I have only started pushing harder on getting my following up on Instagram recently. I write high fantasy, sword and sorcery, and alternative perspective–> Instagram: lordjonray

  6. Hey! I'm a young yet ambitious poet! It would mean SOOOO much if some of you followed 😊 @eternal.poetry

  7. My Instagram is SpeakWhenItRains 🙂

  8. We just finished an Instagram video for AuthorTube, too! I only joined Instagram about 6 months ago, and I can't believe how many writers are on there. It's great! Have you found a posting schedule that works for you?

  9. Glad to see this video up! I like these tips. I'm wondering, though… when you say "behind the scenes", what do you mean? I'm really not sure how to show what I'm working on at all. Writing is not a particularly visual medium. At least not until you have a cover or print proofs. I know some people like to make visual aesthetics/moodboards for their work, but I've always worried about sharing images I didn't take myself when it's for something I can potentially make money from. And just in general, I'm scared the quality of anything I make won't be good enough to help promote my writing.

  10. Thanks for posting. Helpful stuff! My instagram is @clayhardyauthor

  11. I follow you on Instagram and I finally got around to subscribing! Loving your channel so far!

  12. Great tips! Love your instagram 😍

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