WP Academy – SEO Site Auditing for WordPress Bloggers

With Google pushing out more core updates and algorithmic adjustments than ever before, it’s never been a more volatile time to position a site competitively! But there is help to be had…

Join Casey Markee of Media Wyse and Arsen Rabinovich of Top Hat Rank, two of the world’s most experienced forensic SEOs, as they discuss the topic of site auditing. Learn how to audit your own WordPress blog with an eye towards reversing traffic and ranking drops by understanding and correcting bottom-line quality issues that run contrary to Google best practices.

Attendees, here is YOUR chance to submit your blog for live review by our two experts as well as receive answers to pressing SEO, technical, page speed, and content creation questions. Submit your question or your site to be reviewed live during the call.

NOTE: Please remember, this is a LIVE training event. If you can’t handle possible blunt criticism on your submitted site, don’t offer it up for consideration.


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12 Thoughts to “WP Academy – SEO Site Auditing for WordPress Bloggers”

  1. Soooo helpful. Thanks Casey and Arsen!

  2. Extremely helpful and informative!!! Thank y’all very much!!!

  3. Thank you for this! At 1:23:20 (ish) Arsen is talking about the repeated words used in categories, tags, and keywords. How would I analyze my site to see if I've done that? Also, I don't understand the point of tags. Is it a best practice? Or do they not matter? Should they be deleted?

  4. This was amazing! Thank you Casey and Arsen for the very informative content. It's not often that I will sit attentively for 1.5 hours – you had my complete attention! great stuff.

  5. I can't thank you enough for this. And for answering my questions. Thank you Casey. That was truly a life line.

  6. I give this way more than two thumbs up!! Sometimes blogging can feel like scuba diving in a cave without a light. Solid info we can count on makes all the difference! Thanks Casey and Arson!

  7. This was so informative! Thank you for the time you took to discuss everything!

  8. Love all the helpful tips, thank you!

  9. Casey and Arsen, Thank you SO much for all the valuable knowledge in today’s webinar. I have multiple pages of notes to guide me in researching how to implement many of your tips. And, thank you so much for posting the replay so soon. I had an appoint,ent and couldn’t watch live.

  10. Thanks for the shout out Casey! I appreciate it!

  11. As always, excellent webinar, Casey and Arsen! I've been thoroughly implementing Casey's tips since my rankings drastically dropped after March 12th, and I can finally see positive results of my work after Google rolled out the last update on June 3rd!

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