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Working at Amazon Warehouse: Training Day and Work expectations

Working at Amazon Warehouse: Training Day and Work expectations

On this episode I’m going to show you what to expect on your first day of work at an Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse. You will see what it’s like to work inside of the warehouse. This is my personal journey through this process and I pray that it can be helpful to someone who’s struggling out there to find work.

Part 1: Working at Amazon Warehouse: Easy Step by Step Guide on How to Apply and get the job

Part 2: Working at Amazon Warehouse: Things to do before you start Day 1

Part 4: Working at Amazon Warehouse: COVID Is it Safe to work here?

Part 5: Working at Amazon Warehouse: How much money can you truly make?

Part 6: Working at Amazon Warehouse: Watch This Before You Apply

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21 thoughts on “Working at Amazon Warehouse: Training Day and Work expectations

  1. I'm from Pakistan. I wanna job for amazon as a delivery driver in Canada or UK, so how to apply let me know.

  2. Thank you so much. Tomorrow is my first day here and I'm so nervous.

  3. So do you have that 4 day 10
    Hour shifts? I was told by somebody I know that works there they do that now. Either Sun-Wed or Wed-Sat

  4. I have a few question:
    How did you apply?
    Is it true there’s no interview?
    Can you choose which area you want to work?
    What will happen if you didn’t make the 100 boxes they’re requiring you to do in 1 hr?
    What are the schedules?

  5. Great video.. loved all the details and clear views. Love how you placed the camera on the shelves, great view from that location.

  6. I live in Texas and they are about to open a new one. I do not want to get the covid shot. Do they make you wear a mask even if your state says you do not need to?

  7. Okay, I'm only a few seconds in but I just wanted to make a comment about the quality of this freaking video it's just fantastic wow

  8. How old do you have to be

  9. There is people that talk to each other on the pack line and they will do is put you in wherever they need people but they never check your experience and put you where you want to be positioned. I’ve been working for the company not even 2 years and I gotten hurt once for shoulder pain and I was hospitalized. If anyone gets medical leave of absence better get all your paperwork done and sent out to DLS cause they will screw your time off. They did that twice and I was close to filing a complaint to department of labor about that. Mostly the DLS team are useless in helping you but they know how screw people over

  10. RED

    I only lasted there 4-5months. They don't let you talk to your coworkers or have any music playing.. physically not a hard job at all, but I noticed that my mental health crashed hard by the end of the 2nd month. I would've loved to be able to have at least one earbud in just to listen to something other than the loud machinery.

  11. What do you do if there’s no scanner available for you ?
    I’m a sorting team member any recommendations ?

  12. What door do you walk in on the first day

  13. Do you rolate jobs within a 12hr shift?

  14. Great video, I've worked at Amazon 2 times and if I knew all the different types of jobs then I would never left. They have made onboarding much better.

  15. Ship dock. Tell me something about this job please

  16. What about recieving, what is recieving?

  17. Fourth day and already wanna quit

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