WordPress WP Automatic Plugin Review + Tutorial 2500 Visitors Free Organic Traffic

In my WP automatic review video, I’ll show you how I got 2500+ Free organic traffic by using this plugin. Get WP Automatic Plugin here: 👉 https://www.howtowebmaster.com/go/wp-automatic/
🕐 In my WordPress Automatic Plugin review video, I show you my traffic stats for 1 year since using this WP automatic plugin. I also provided a quick WP Automatic Tutorial overview. It is very easy to use and quite reliable as seen in my video after a year. I set up the WP automatic plugin once, and left it alone for 1 year, and it still works without any updating at all.

WP Automatic Review rating 4.75 / 5 ⭐
With this WordPress automatic plugin, you can create an automated site in any niche bringing you free traffic. Final advice: try to spin your content and use a variety of content sources. *I’ve reviewed all of the top article spinners here: https://articlespinnerreviews.com/

🔥 WP Automatic plugin , get it here:
👉 https://www.howtowebmaster.com/go/wp-automatic/
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21 Thoughts to “WordPress WP Automatic Plugin Review + Tutorial 2500 Visitors Free Organic Traffic”

  1. Your plugin WP Automatic is awesome. Also from time to time i am using https://e-scraper.com/woocommerce/ – to scrape all eCommerce data from my competitors what is I need for my WooCommerce store. Maybe it would be useful for someone else.

  2. Will you please explain how to use the cookies section to log in to the site that I need to scrape?

  3. Does google adsense approve like this AUTO-Pilot site with WP Automatic Plugin !? Please inform…. Thanks

  4. I used this tool for saraikinews.com but not got much response might be i chose worng product or whatever but its not give benifits.

  5. Please i need help the support center dont answer since 1 week. All content are posted in 1 paragraph when they are extrated while the original content contain 3 or more paragraph

  6. if we were to buy this, is it only for one site or can i use it for all my other sites too?

  7. how do i make the permalink remain same as the original feed?

    for example original feed

    but, when automatic post permalink changed to:

  8. You must be joking. The method is junk. Look at your session stats … 34 seconds. LOL. People just barely 'touch' your site. You won't monetize it. What's the use of traffic if it doesn't convert.

  9. does it duplicate another site and update the same thing as the other site realtime?

  10. Ezinearticles are pulling only the text content, not featured images. how to fix that up. Appreciate your help.

  11. how can i get plugin for multi website

  12. DO i need to do SEO for these imported posts or it will rank automatic too? shall it rank on google?

  13. How much do you make off this website?

  14. 2.5k visitors is too small amount for any monetization purposes.
    You barely can return your $40 investment. Isn't it?
    If so, what's the point?

  15. Good tips but the max post reach 100000 max how to renewal ??

  16. Mr Leon, if you spin the articles. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the automatic site ?

  17. Did you monetize the site at all?

  18. Do you know if WP Automatic has an affiliate program for their plug in? Thanks – Eric

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