WordPress Tutorial: How to use the Support Forum & Stack Overflow to fix problems

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Everyone who owns a WordPress site will experience an error or problem some point. It’s not question of if, but when. WordPress is probably the best blogging and content management system in the world, it’s definitely the most popular, but it isn’t without its problems from time to time.

With each plugin or theme you install, you increase the complexity and chances of encountering an error which will break your site. For those of you who are beginners to WordPress this can be daunting and cause a lot of frustration.

There are tons of troubleshooting & how-to guides online which explain how to solve specific issues. But what is really important, is knowing where & how to find them, and applying the knowledge to your specific WordPress problem.

Two of the biggest & best resources I’ve used for 8+ years working with WordPress is the WordPress.org Support Forum and a site called Stack Overflow. I’ve used both countless times over the years and I’ve always managed to find a solution to my problem.

These resources are also great for beginners who may not be trying to troubleshoot an error, but are simply new to WordPress and have general questions about it’s use and functionality.

In this tutorial I’ll explain what they are, how to use them and the method to getting answers to your questions. Essentially what I am doing is empowering you to find solutions, instead of relying on others. If you can master this skill, you’ll save yourself money, time and headache.


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