WordPress Theme Development Tutorial 2020

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial 2020

This wordpress theme tutorial will help those looking to make a new custom wordpress theme 2020. The wordpress tutorial covers how to create a WordPress theme using understrap, so if you are interested in how to make your own WordPress theme, this should have you covered. We use a combination of HTML, css, js with bootstrap.

00:00:00 – Introduction to WordPress Custom Theme Development
00:00:24 – WordPress Custom Theme Design
00:02:14 – Installing WordPress, Understrap, Database
00:07:02 – WordPress and Setup Custom Theme Understrap
00:10:27 – Website Custom Theme CSS and Header Preparation
00:12:00 – Header Layout
00:19:50 – Header and Navigation CSS Styling
00:26:10 – Website Custom Fonts Imported Google
00:28:42 – Header Menu Layout and Styling
00:33:54 – Header Top Section Logo Links
00:48:27 – Header Responsive Design
00:59:30 – Header Mobile Menu Button and Nav
01:27:10 – Header Logo and Nav for mobile
01:34:30 – Home Page Hero Banner
01:48:14 – Home Call to Action Section
02:10:20 – Home Welcome to Section
02:35:05 – Home News Section
03:07:35 – Home About Us Section
03:42:16 – Home Testimonials Section
03:55:30 – Home Newsletter Signup Section
04:15:26 – Home Social Media Section
04:34:17 – Home Footer and Contact Form Section
04:53:44 – Home Animation using Wow Animation.css
05:06:25 – WordPress Home Page Review
05:10:14 – Conclusion

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial 2020 | Part 2
Developing Internal Pages, Posts, Contact Us

Follow along on Figma with the Design UI:

Code Snippets:

This WordPress tutorial for beginners 2020 will help you create WordPress theme for those people who are WordPress for beginners. WordPress theme 2020 tutorials are many, but this is a real world example of a WordPress theme 2020 for real world projects. If you are create WordPress theme and you want more content on how to make your own WordPress theme for the future, I can do more videos like this on the HTML, CSS, even the bootstrap designs and how I go about developing them!

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  1. I am trying to grow my channel, so if you find this video useful, #subscribe & hitting the #bell 🙂 Thanks for watching and hope you liked and learnt something new!

  2. Hey Adrian thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial. I have a job board website and I want to do some minor changes in it. First thing I need to add job expiry date on the post showing in homepage. Please tell me how could I do that

  3. How can I get the PSD file of the Bach Beach theme to save my theme assets? I am trying the do it practically.

  4. This is awesome. I am waiting for future videos like this on the HTML, CSS, even the bootstrap designs and how you go about developing them!

  5. I just noticed that wow.js does not work with the latest version of the animate.min.js file. Puzzled me for a bit, but if you use an older version of that file (I used v 3.6.2) then it seems to work.

  6. Hey Adrian, could you please post the moshi.php file as I tried to recreate it but getting errors. I'm only 10 mins from the end 🙂

  7. hi adrian. Great Video! how can I create the host file?

  8. Custom Texonomies pls make video on it country > states > cities multilevel Texonomies with clean urls ?

  9. free gpl is one of the newer sites and looks very professional. This is the most trustworthy site I’ve come across, with several plugins and themes from leading WordPress companies. It also has the cheapest plan with no restrictions on downloads

  10. i find your videos very helpful and amazing. im not a web developer or anything like that. im an electrical engineer but i really like what you do maybe i will try to do the same as you XD Good luck sir <3

  11. After designing it, how do yo grab content from wordpress?

  12. Brilliant! Hope you can create another brilliant tutorial showing how can ACF (pro) can be used withing a custom Understrap based theme.
    Thanks for the great content.

  13. What is your thinking as to when to use pixels, em's or rem's in a site build?

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  15. Hey @Adrian, nice job! I will be going through this course. Can you share the Adobe XD files?

  16. Hi Adrian! Thank you for posting this tutorial! I have a question for you… Is there a way to create a custom WordPress theme and include a page builder once we code the actual design? Many clients want to make minor adjustments and every single one requests a drag and drop interface (page builder) to do so. I would love your input about this. One more thing… Which starter theme do you recommend that has NO CSS/js framework at all. A totally blank theme. Thanks once again!

  17. What VSC theme do you use Adrian?

  18. Thank you Adrian. Thank you very much 🙂

  19. Wow! Thank you for making this video! This is really helpful and much appreciated for a person like me and many others to try and learn and customizing the WordPress platform!

  20. this is awesome . l learned lot of things

  21. Hey Adrian, are you going to provide the assets for a follow along?

  22. As usual amazing content. Probably have to watch this myself as it's been a while since I did WP stuff =)

  23. 5 hours for free. You r an angel.

  24. Thanks I'm tackling this now

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