WordPress News! BIG WordPress Themes Upcoming Features + WCEU 2019 Questions!

See the full WCEU 2019 Speakers Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE18IsncB7s&t=15352s

Heres a list of some wordpress news and upcoming events:

-Avada Theme may have plans to introduce a front end editor
-Google Creates A New Plugin For WordPress
-Elegant themes talks about divi theme builder
-WooCommerce Creates a New Beta plugin for woocommerce analytics
-Wp Engine acquires flywheel
-Elementor reduces unlimited website to 1,000 websites and introduces icon features
-Cpanel now charges alot more against hosting companies
-Brizy hits 50k active installs and brizy cloud made #1 for product hunt. you can try it here: https://www.darrelwilson.com/brizy
Full brizy tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCcd6IcmA64&t=137s
Hostgator Screws Affiliates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6IXLcHcfTI&t=2s

let me know if you come across anything else wordpress related and put it in the comments below!


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20 Thoughts to “WordPress News! BIG WordPress Themes Upcoming Features + WCEU 2019 Questions!”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know how you feel about these questions and also theme feature updates in the comments below!

  2. Hi. I like your videos.
    I need to ask you something.
    I don’t know much about creating websites. I found a vincter, here you’ll get 1 premium website & you only pay once $ 40
    I am a bit skeptical like is this a trustworthy site or not? Should i buy it or not? Any one can help. Thank you!

  3. He's probably the same as Mark Zuckerberg – A mouthpiece for Facebook but with absolutely NO control. The Puppeteers do ALL of the string-pulling, he just has to Nod – Agree – then try to explain things to the users. WordPress has got TOO BIG for the #Puppeteers NOT to be in control ….. 'Expect the WORST! – and Hope! for the BEST!' ….. "The Human Survival Blueprint" 😉

  4. Hey Darrel, Question. I'm using Divi and I have a problem. When looking at my site it's ok, but when I use the builder some parts of it disappears on me? I don't know what I did to it! Help my brother! Sorry to bomb you with this, but I need your help! Thanks in advances!!!!

  5. Please make video of travel agency website with complete details.

  6. Hi Darrel, I truly enjoy your content!

    Keep going!

  7. And thats why i like cloudways, lovely dashboard, excellent service :), Cpanel is so meh

  8. we trust in your opinion, please what your opinion about oxygen theme?

  9. I setup my own VPS server with plesk

  10. Great review. Very useful. Thanks. Saved me a ton of reading!

  11. Hmmmm I checked w GoDaddy and they said there aren’t any cPanel price upgrades on the horizon. I have Business Premier cPanel, VPS, 3 managed WP Pro packs. #FUHostgatorandAvada Divi still sucks for mobile view dynamic styling so haven’t used for years and Luv Brizy Pro!

  12. 5+ Million installs on Classic Editor plugin should give him a hint about how much people don't like/want Gutencrap.

  13. Nice update, Darrel you think you might go over the woocommerce new administrative panel layout that is in beta? Also, on the woocommerce analytics it is hidden within woocommerce when you activate it.

  14. I also don't think that themes are ever going anywhere, people will forever be lazy & it factors in.

  15. not a chance. I don't see him doing it, but if WP ever goes public, I'm diving into shares

  16. I with you regarding Avada. Its clunky, old and a bit overrated. I do want to point out is that they don't build everything themselves. Basically, they rely on Slider Revolution to make their nice slider effects. Thus they are solely reliant on that company to get their nice effects to stand out. In fact, if it weren't for Slider Revolution, Avada would be nothing more than a boring theme.

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