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WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial For Content Writers & Editors

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial For Content Writers & Editors

Learn how to use the new WordPress content editor named Gutenberg. The future of content writing is finally here.

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37 thoughts on “WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial For Content Writers & Editors

  1. I really like the three little icons that give you options for types of blocks to add when you hover — but I'm not seeing them in my view. Is that something they got rid of or something you have to turn on? I also don't see any little "grab" handles on the left to click and drag. Again, not sure if they got rid of that or if I need to turn it on somewhere as an option. Thanks!

  2. I am using the classic and when I write my post in the classic editor, the spacing and alignment looks great. But when I update it and push it to my site, the alignment changes and it doesn't look nearly as clean. Any idea what could be happening and what I could do to fix it? Thanks

  3. Very helpful video. I don't understand why there is no option for full-text alignment in Gutenberg.

  4. Thank you very much for the video. 🙂

  5. So helpful! I almost stopped writing. Thank you!

  6. Thank you! Very helpful and so easy to follow. I appreciate your time and effort!

  7. Adam I recently started a health blog on WordPress. Can you suggest a editor for writing post?
    Which one is best Gutenberg, tiny mce, classic editor or any other?
    Or do you suggest any page builder for that??

  8. All worries about switching to Gutenberg disappeared after 16 minutes. And everything is explained in such a simple plain English. Definitely a better editor than the Classic editor and the popular editor from the "Advanced TinyMCE plugin for WordPress". Thank you!
    Would like to ask you if it is possible to manually add schema markup (microdata) around content (so-called inline code) ? Some blocks like "Columns" accept nested blocks but say in a "Paragraph" block you cannot add a nested "Custom HTML" block or "Code" block around particular words or phrases you would like to mark-up. Editing Gutenberg post as HTML looks different than the html rendered by the browser due to the block structure and the new syntax (the comments starting/ending each block and the names of properties/values . Will Gutenberg remove microdata (if possible to add it inline) ?

  9. What plugin can I use to enable free and paid willing writers and authors on my WordPress website

  10. Hi, excellent video. Thank you. How do I create a Table of Content using Gutenberg?

  11. One thing I've noticed since using Gutenberg is that despite changing font sizes on my posts the published version still shows small fonts. The whole appearance is "squashed". Any ideas as to what I should do to change this?

  12. Great video! I was wondering whether Gutenberg allowed changing font size and color and you have cleared that up for me. My flexsqueeze theme also allowed using multiple fonts and a selction of google fonts but it doesn't appear gutenberg handles this – may be in the future someone will make a plug-in. Thanks again. Subscribed.

  13. Hi, I updated my site now when I click on (go back to WordPress editor) I get this message: Back to WordPress editor
    Please note that you are switching to WordPress default editor. Your current layout design and content might break.
    Any advice?

  14. great video! Once again your tutorials are so well informed and simple.

  15. As a content writer i will not use the crap Gutenberg…

  16. Thank you for providing this introduction to WP Gutenberg. It helped relieve my worry about the switch. Kind regards, Jeff

  17. Not a huge fan at all. I am sure once I get used to it, it will be fine. My work has a functions code we put in all our sites right now to block this because it is so difficult for our clients to understand. It is not very intuitive and some of the options (albeit handy) are overwhelming. They took a simple "Microsoft Word" style and made it into this compartmentalized confusing mess. By the way, the old WordPress had an undo button, and it works about the same. Just sayin'. Good vid, enjoyed it! Thank you!

  18. Thank you! I've watched several other Gutenberg tutorials and yours was the best with the most tips to make things easier.

    Is it possible to put 2 or 3 images in a row horizontally? I tried the 3 column icon but it will only let me do text. I tried the media block but I get 1 image or an image with text.

    Thanks for your help. Teresa

  19. I'm using the free Kale theme, but unfortunately the actual post fonts and font sizes in the published posts look completely different from what Gutenberg is looking like. Googled it and there is supposed to be a place where you can click on Customize > Typography and change things, but there nothing there. This is really frustrating, cuz the look of the published page formatting of the writing looks like crap.

  20. wow!!! Great tutorial… this is so helpful.. Thanks for sharing…

  21. Would you consider doing a video on how to format block widths? What in the world…

  22. Another great video. Thanks Adam, TT

  23. Would you say at this point in time we still need to use Elementor for the look and feel of a site? Have the content styling handled by Gutenberg? Can we use both without jeopardizing the site building process?

  24. I wish they had the option to add text color to headlines. That's what I miss the most!

  25. This new version is completely rubbish. I tried to use Gutenburg and it slowed me down too much. I cannot copy an image and paste it in directly and I cannot locate all of my categories in order to highlight what I am posting.

  26. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanx!

  27. Nobody complained about url editing option only after you published post?

  28. Adam i must say your videos are really educative.you are very good in getting the viewer to understand what you are trying to put accross.so i have a service website that am creating.how do i use guttenberg to create a search.ie i want visitors to be able to search for a type of service using thier location.this is an example of what am trying to do (www.goodcontracterslist.com) in this website you see where is says choose service and location and then find contrator that is exactly what i want to be able to do.thank you

  29. Thank you for your contributions! Your way of showing and explaining is great and has helped me a lot. 🙂
    Can you help me understand how Gutenberg and page builders like Beaver Builder work together?
    Do I still need Beaver Builder now that Gutenberg is out? I saw Astra came out with Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg? Do I need that when I'm also using Beaver Builder? My biggest question is when to use Beaver Builder and when to use Gutenberg for overlapping features. It's the thing that's the most confusing to me. I know I asked a lot of questions. I hope you're willing to create a video that answers this for me and others who might have the same questions. Thank you in advance!

  30. Thank you for this! This will help with the new changes coming to WordPress!

  31. Gutenberg is going to be a great thing for WordPress. It is in both the .org and the .com versions of WordPress.
    One thing I hope Gutenberg may do is blocks inside of blocks. Also a fullwidth picture option.
    Right now the columns block when you color the background it only colors one column. Not the whole section with the two columns.

  32. arada nefes almayı unutma 🙂

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