WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Tutorial Showing How Gutenberg Could Be A Real Page Builder With Getwid

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WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Tutorial Showing How Gutenberg Could Be A Real Page Builder With Getwid https://youtu.be/1ula9g1_7fw
Getwid plugin in repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/getwid/

Getwid Base theme in repository: https://wordpress.org/themes/getwid-base/

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Getwid is a free plugin that gives you access to 24 professional Gutenberg blocks.

We are going to look at each of the blocks and how they work in this tutorial.

My favorite Getwid block, by far, is the Google Maps block that allows you to have a custom color scheme for Google Maps on your site and you can easily add custom markers to any location on the planet.

Getwid Base is a theme that allows us to import demo data and demo blocks with just one click. It is also free.
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7 Thoughts to “WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Tutorial Showing How Gutenberg Could Be A Real Page Builder With Getwid”

  1. Thanks for this tutorial!
    I've finally got around to checking the Gutenberg+GetWid Base+GetWid plugin combo out… It's quite impressive!
    As far as the navigation of the site is concerned, can anyone advice any free plugins or alternative customization options for Header, Footer and element colour scheme (i.e. things like active links)??? I didn't find any of such features in getWid Base (apart from and actual CSS coding , I guess).
    I would really appreciate the info!

  2. Bro how to add maths equations without using any plugin in WordPress website?

    Please help me

  3. I added a woocommerce block and I want to know how to get pagination on the page to display all the products .

  4. I had no ideo that Gutenberg can be so powerfull. Thanks a lot Bjorn! You really opened the gate for a new approach with Gutenberg. I used some addons for Gutenberg but none of them are nearly as good as this plugin.

  5. I am too curious about Speed & I think using Gutenberg Editor will cause less CSS etc files and we will get a lot better speed than other plugins such as Elementor etc. Whats you note on this?

  6. Thanks, I was wondering about using Gutenberg as a page builder. Hoping it will load pages fast.

  7. Great video, looks nice. Quick question. Is there an easy way to see on each page how it will look on desktop, tablet and mobile. Most themes just have a button and you can be viewed as it shows on that type of product. I'm new to WP so apologies if this is a basic question

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