WordPress free Website, free Hosting, cPanel, and Domain In Tamil

We’re going to look at our today how to create a WordPress website for free. You can see how to buy and use free domain and hosting.

The video about creating a blogger website is already on my YouTube channel, so you can create your blogger website.

In this video, I mentioned how to create a free website with free sapphire. And I’ve talked about how to make WordPress Thames Customize.
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15 Thoughts to “WordPress free Website, free Hosting, cPanel, and Domain In Tamil”

  1. Server le ulla nameserver ah change pannalum analytics layu ,AdSense la ad Google provide pannuvangalla ?

  2. Bro , GoDaddy le domain vangunathanne Google indexing panna mudiyum ,free nu pootutu vanga solringalle ?

  3. Free hosting is totally waste of time to learn wordpress, there will be more downtime, we can't install many plugins, bro use localhost for learning wordpress.

  4. Bro blogger la irukura name layae word press account open pannalama

  5. 100% waste of time brw. Free Hostingle nammak onnume panna mudiyath. 3 or 4 plugins install panninnale storage full ayidum, athkapuram nama enna pannalum website hang avum dhideenu ellame poyidum. Nirayaa adi vanghirken.

  6. Appram ean titile la free domain nu sonninga

  7. Bro neenga than first blogger la website open Panna sonninga

  8. free housting la adsense kedaikuma

  9. Bro naa ipo song lyrics blogger open panni run pannura yennaku Adsense approved aaguma pls tell me bro

  10. Bro ennoda blog kku one day 1000views varanga bro but dollar 0.50 & 1 dollar than varudu bro, ennoda blog post ellam tech related than bro poduran but dollar increase aagala bro pls help pannunga bro

  11. Anna WordPress spelling mistake

  12. Ithula AdSense apply pannalama
    With that subdomin

  13. Free website Blogger or world press வேற website create பணம் சம்பாதிக்க சொல்லி தாங்க நண்பா

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