WordPress Easy Pages Review and Download – WordPress Tutorial 2019

Get WordPress Easy Pages here: https://tinyurl.com/yxet2ce2

WELCOME TO WordPress Easy Pages

Any landing page built in WordPress will be slowed down by the theme or plugin you are using. This is the biggest reason why many users opt to use hosted page building services.

Because of the way standard page building plugins are built you are at an instant disadvantage when it comes to page speed.

Current WordPress Page Builders Create Heavy Code
Which Make them Terrible for Leadgen & Paid Traffic Campaigns

To add to the misery of WordPress users, conventional page builders (especially if you are using drag & drop builder type) put your site at a major speed disadvantage.

The code created by the builder alone is almost always extremely heavy. This code needs to be processed which is why pages built by conventional builders get bad ratings in page speed tests.

What makes matters worse is that these delays are amplified on mobile devices with slower internet connections

Zero WordPress Page Builders Have Any Proven Templates For Paid Traffic

If you ask any paid traffic expert they will tell you that they never use pages that haven’t been tested for paid traffic performance

Using untested pages is a bit like gambling with your money with huge consequential losses

For every second over 3 seconds load speed you are losing traffic and at 20 seconds you a losing 95% of your traffic

So fast page load page load speed is essential for your sales and conversions.

Build Super Fast Landing Pages Using The Exact Same Templates Used By Fortune 500 Companies

Get WordPress Easy Pages NOW! https://tinyurl.com/yxet2ce2

You Get 16 Lightning Fast Templates …
Includes 3 Pro Templates Tested on Millions of Dollars of Traffic

Build Superior Fast Loading Mobile Pages That Bypass Your Site’s Theme & Plugins CSS

As our plugin has been built to bypass your WordPress site’s theme & plugin’s CSS. This massively improves your page performance.

In addition to that the code produced by the plugin is very thin which makes it perfect for sales pages, landing pages & opt-in pages.

This gives you a crazy speed advantage over competitor’s products

But the best bit is… the plugin is NOT dependent on any theme so it works with everything!

Drag & DropPoint Click & Edit, Super Easy Page Builder Makes Instantly Responsive Pages

WordPress Easy Pages is built on solid block based page building technology with an super easy to use interface.

All the elements you need can be added by drag & drop and can be edited with point & click.

Like on all page builders you can move elements around as you please.

Being as this is a block based builder which is built on a grid system all the pages are instantly responsive.

Get 3 Pro Templates Tested On Millions of Dollars of Paid Traffic By A Google Certified Pro

What makes this product really interesting is that the pro templates have all been tested on millions of dollars of paid traffic.

David Cassar is a Certified Google Pro & Bing partner that looks after millions of dollars of paid traffic campaigns.

You get 3 of Davids best converting paid traffic templates that he used on all new clients.

So you can start your building your campaigns with the least amount of risk.

Earn Money By Charging Your Clients
+ Lock In Our Early Adopter License Pricing (Agency License)

For a limited time we have a special offer on our Agency License which means you can use this product on your client sites to earn money.

As one of our early clients you get to lock in our early adopter license pricing which means you will save money for many years to come

Agency License holders can charge to install the product on client sites & can charge clients for the software at their discretion.
Charge Just 1 Client & You’re In Profit…

Check Out The Page Speed Of Our Templates
All Pages Load in just Under 1 Second!

Get WordPress Easy Pages NOW! https://tinyurl.com/yxet2ce2

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