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WooCommerce Memberships Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress

WooCommerce Memberships Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress

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In this woocommerce membership tutorial, Ill show you how to use the memberships plugin! The woocommerce memberships plugin helps create a membership website with wordpress. Members have have special discount on products in your store and also have a special members area page! This plugin integrates well with the woocommerce subscriptions.

You can watch the woocommerce subscriptions tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21-WeR8dtjk

If you need help with woocommerce, you can watch my complete woocommerce tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nEPFB0e4vs

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com


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27 thoughts on “WooCommerce Memberships Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress

  1. Hey Party people, if you want to create a membership plugin website with woocommerce, than check this video out! Also make sure to smash that like button!

  2. Wonderful! Hey Darrel, is it possible to have an auto roll to membership after purchasing a product?

    For example: I want to Automate the 14 day kickstart (not free) to roll over to the 3 month membership after 14 days.

  3. question: how do you restrict members (with a membership that gives a discount on ALL products) from using ANY coupon codes?

  4. hi! I need to make a membership but it is for recive a Daily Journal (virtual), does the woocommerce membership have an area where my clients can acess the Journal and do i have an area to upload the journal?

  5. Thanks Darrel, Its legal gplmall ? i need subscription plugin, any experience with this site? Also on the site it say 15 at month and 69 year, if i pay 15 and download the plugin after that month i must keep paying ? the plugins is disabled if i dont pay the all year or only i dont get updates? Thanks a lot

  6. Hi Darrel, Nice video! I want to offer Online Lessons in different membership categories. So they would get x lessons free per month. How to get this? Thanks and best regards, Stevie

  7. how to restrict customers don't nt buy more than 5 product
    is this possible in this plugin??
    or any other plugins or code ??

  8. Awesome, thanks for the video! but I have a question, do you know how I can put a specific role for each subscription and membership, because I have a discount for a role, and if I use the role in the subscription area, all subscriptions inherit the same role, and I can't manage them. By the way, it is a multivendor site, so I need to have several roles. I hope I have explained myself, thank you very much.

  9. Hi nobuna.com is legit or that cracked plugins ? I search learndash

  10. I was wondering, can you give members access to all the products but limit them to only purchasing a specific number of them? Like, can you charge them different membership fees to allow them to have access to all the products (which in my case are events) but only be able to select a specific number of events to attend? ie. for the basic membership they can attend four events of their choosing of 10?

  11. Super helful for my digital needs witj wordpress and woocommerce. Worth the watch and listen.

  12. If I want to restrict a lesson to only my students and only those who have paid, which one should I choose between membership and subscriptions plugin? Thank you for the tuts

  13. Hey there! When costumers checkout will they get an email stating that they have access to the paid content?

  14. Nice video. Where can I find the users data linked to a membership ?

  15. if my product is content on a private page of the website – (online course). when I am setting up the membership do I chose product purchase or manual assignment only under the general tab?

  16. Does this plugin have functionality to resist multiple users using the same login credentials?

  17. Great tutorial! Thank you so much!!
    If I may ask a quick question – can you hide restricted pages in the navigation menu and then once a customer becomes a member, can you make it so those pages become visible?

  18. Is the reason they can't purchase a more expensive membership without purchasing a lesser membership a requirement of woocommerce or is it due to how you have configured it???

  19. I love the way you explained! thanks, by the way it's too much 199 usd for that functionality

  20. How do you restrict different payments method for different membership levels? Example new members can use paypal or e-transfer but older members can use credit card payments

  21. Thank you. I would like to ask something before purchasing.

    We have a discount card and different events on our website and we want to set up that if something registers and buys the discount card, they get access to cheaper event prices. Very similar to Amazon Prime where the certain users gets special/cheaper prices. Is it possible to set up a normal price for an event for people without a plan and a cheaper price for those who have purchased the plan? Also, is it possible to display the special price to the user without the discount card, something like hey the price is 20€ but if you buy the card, it will be 16€. Thank you

  22. Which one is better? Ultimate Membership Pro or WooCommerce Memberships?

  23. Thank you so much for this!

    With woocommerce, If they decide to cancel the payment or their payment fails, or if they choose to cancel manually the subscription plan, they will be removed automatically from the lms system and from wordpress system? Look at that video if something is unclear.


    Or upgrade or downgrade or pay rest of the money on some day for that instalment of 3 months he won to loto 🙂 and want to pay rest of the money in 40 day after making the instalment.

    Thank you so much!

  24. Can this plugin redirect the pages for non registered members?

  25. How to show on front side like do_shortcode('[code_here]')

  26. Darrel does all the plugin can be update? I am interested to get one

  27. is this legal? do you put these on your active sites? I would like to know so that I can decide if I trust them on active sites or not.

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