Why You Should Work for Free

Why You Should Work for Free

►Q: Is your passion truly to buy the Jets? Also, I’m getting started in Real Estate, what would your advice be to get started?

The pursuit to buy the New York Jets is just fun for me. My real passion and motivation comes from grinding and spreading my message to as many people I can.

The best thing you can do when entering any field is contact the top professionals in the industry, and offer to work for them for free. The guidance and mentorship you will receive by working for the best, will be indisputably be more valuable than the short term pay of an entry level position.

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41 Thoughts to “Why You Should Work for Free”

  1. Don’t listen to this guy. Know you have worth. Never ever, ever work for free. When you work for free you aren’t proving you are a hard worker, you are proving that you have low self esteem and monied individuals can walk all over you. Life is more than material possessions, family and friends matter more than appeasing rich people so you can buy cheap plastic crap from China.

  2. You can change lives, that's more than impactful. May you live hale and healthy for 50 years and more

  3. “You’re gonna die” sounds like a threat put out of context LMFAOO

  4. Never work for free. This guy is cringe.

  5. Work for free? Thats somone who doesnt respect themselves. Thats what corporations abuse you. The leverage is when you demand more money. This guy wants corporations over people. So much is wrong with this video. People are struggling out here, you are worth what you get paid. You can always find a higher paying job. Dont settle for less. Go out and demand what you diserve

  6. I think a distinction should be made here. You should work for free *for the best in your industry*. Don't just go and work for free for someone who you don't get any kind of value from in return. If you go around and work for free for everyone, you won't end up with much.

  7. Of course a business owner would encourage his employees to work for free. That's more money in his pocket.

  8. What is the name of the other guy who actually gave great advice? Before Gary Vee interrupted to feed as fluff.

  9. I don't understand, Gary says in the future his employee will be paying him? Im confused, didn't really follow him there….

  10. Jesus that woman who asked the question was beautiful as hell! And Gary, man, what a genius and an absolute BEAST of a human being. Genuine dude, nice guy, but real which is what the fucking world lacks nowadays. Everyone has a backbone of a dead, floppy fish.

  11. Work for free – such a brilliant idea. Learn so much and create so many opportunities.

  12. people are definitely gna be idolising Gary Vee when he's gone 😅 quality perspective👏

  13. How about working for your self like an entrepreneur, why build business for someone else for free when your motive is to dump them later to start your own stuff, do it with grace, do it for your self, starting a business is not so difficult now a days why start something with the 1st brick that says you tricked your employer or back stabbed them, unless you don't use their name, fame, clients, network etc like Gary, I feel it's ethically wrong to use someone if you have hidden agendas like that even if you work for free for them.

  14. For a Freelance Photo Editor and Content Creator how do I implement this . Pls help guys..

  15. Gonna have to replay this a few times.. 🤯💭 – @Acharich

  16. Free labor don't pay their bills – never work for free. I get if you volunteer or choose to do something but only someone with privilege and blindness would ever advise anyone to work for free. Sure beiber could work for free Now , but Bobby down the street whose parents combined income isn't 30k or not much more if that can nor should work for free.

  17. No no no no no no – this is purely malarkey and devalues everyone – whose gonna pay rent , have food , be able to do anything if they're working for free. this is nonsense!!

  18. As much as I love Gary, please don’t deify him. He doesn’t have all the answers. Don’t just blindly follow what he says. Take what works for you from him, but follow your own voice.

  19. Did the guy in the background at 3:06s say "he's an a–hole"?

  20. who thinks the other guy seated near Gary looks like he can act as Batman?

  21. And free is relative, to the value that is offered by the knowledge gained. If I'm working for someone for free, you better fucking believe I'm going to learn every single thing I can absorb into my grey matter to make the experience worthwhile.

  22. this may be the only topic I STRONGLY disagree with Gary.

  23. Guys love the content but please go back to making the videos longer! The 4 min videos are harder to navigate through.

  24. Even though you don't get paid you gain experience and get your foot in the door. You do enough time and the employers will think hey maybe we should hire this guy.

  25. How many more times do I have to hear my man say “there’s no such thing as a good or bad memory” 😤

  26. Greatest advice for someone who wants to work for someone for free?

  27. And, Serve your people and do it for free. I agree.

  28. I really need to find out which person I should work for. I honestly have the capacity to go work for someone for free. I have the time, and i can make enough elsewhere for rent. I just don't know who would be a strong candidate for apprenticeship. Gary would obviously be great, but he is already busy; swamped.

  29. She asking you an advice on how to become successful real estate agent, not your stroies about Uber ride and 15 years old daughter. The guy beside is telling the process with numbers, Very straight forward , to the point of what she is been looking for.

  30. Gary vee always talk about motivation. The guy beside Gary explain the process. I am interested in process not motivation. There are 1000s of YouTube’s out there talk about motivation. No one tells how the whole process works. So Gary please…. tell us the process like @valutainment channel. So that we can learn something.

  31. I will never exploit myself just to try and gain an opportunity, I would rather have my work be my merit. I would go so long term with branding in my field to the point where I'm the one asked and never do the asking.

  32. I love you gary but you're starting to sound like trump

  33. I started a Social Media Service for local business… Glad to know me working for first few customers for free, was a great move on my side. Thanks, Gary.

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