Why You SHOULD Use Poshmark Automation & Take Calculated Risks in Your Business

Why You SHOULD Use Poshmark Automation & Take Calculated Risks in Your Business

Why You SHOULD Use Poshmark Automation & Take Calculated Risks in Your Business

The two main questions we’re going to tackle today are…
1)Should you use atuomation software if you sell on poshmark even though it’s against poshmark’s terms of service?
2)Should you buy courses on information that you can google for free? And is it ethical to sell these types of courses/information products?

I’ll give the facts & let you decide for yourself. At the end of the day I’m on Poshmark for 1 reason….to make money reselling. What’s yours…business or a hobby?

How to Grow a Poshmark Closet Quickly WITHOUT Spending Hours on it Daily

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Orginal video that bothered some people: https://youtu.be/UpDaaMjoeMw


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9 Thoughts to “Why You SHOULD Use Poshmark Automation & Take Calculated Risks in Your Business”

  1. Professor G taking the gloves off. I tried that organic way on poshmark, you have to use a bot to get some traction. I am going back to look for a bot software now lol. I work a 10+ hour shift daily I can't just run around google trying to piece together info. You cut the fat out the search. Thanks

  2. brian bill sent me to u is 50 a month for viral launch to much I like what u are doing thanks

  3. Yeah I agree when you take certain information for free there’s only so much you will take to take it seriously compared to paying for it and making sure you take action on it to make that money back. I have done both taking free information and buying a few courses and while I have taken action on both, buying the course made sure I consumed anything and everything it provided. When it comes to some free information I take half of it but sill take action. I’ll say one thing though, I would rather pay a few hundred or even a few thousand for a course that I know will work compared to paying thousands for a degree for something that MAY work. Great video bro 👍

  4. Hope you don't mind a rant, if so then remove then comment I won't be offended. I gave 100 people my course for free when first launching, and the furthest any of those "students" got through it? 7% lol. Its very true and very simple, If you don't have skin in the game you essentially treat the information as cheap or worthless. People get caught up with "why pay when I can google the information" mindset. If thats the case, why would you go to university and potentially pay 50 or 100k + to become a surgeon? Just youtube or google how to cut people open and save their lives. Why bother becoming an underpaid apprentice electrician and attend college? Just google or youtube a few Tesla videos on voltage and current and the next day open up your powerline fixing company. It blows my mind that entrepreneurs or teachers who have spend thousands of dollars and hours investing and studying in their chosen craft are then looked down upon by others who think that they should give their knowledge or experience away for free because they can "google or youtube" that profession. No joke Bryan, this isn't me just trying to blow smoke up your ass, You are one of the only entrepreneurs on Youtube that I look up to and try to emulate. I watch every single video you put out and even let the ads play as my way of trying to pay you back for the countless hours and invaluable information and advice that you give out to me for FREE. And thats just a drop in the ocean for what I owe to you. You're never going to please everyone but keep doing exactly as you are because ANYONE wanting to make a success of themselves in the world of online business should be grateful for what you have done and continue to do for them. Rant over. Thanks Bryan 👍🏻

  5. Well buddy I'm sure you know my opinion on both answers. Number 2 agree that 99.9 % of people that get free course's will never grasp what is in a paid course. I've said it before no matter if they use a on line course for college or in classroom school everyone pays and it's a hell of a lot more than your course's. I could go on and on but people might get offended lol. Number 1 automation software for most sites are built to help sell and the one I use simple posher has increased my sales drastically. I only use it twice a day if need be. I do love poshmark for there direct deposit because I requested one this morning and already received it in my bank. To be honest I only use Bryan's YouTube channel now, I use to watch BS but he's been all over the place lately from selling his course to stocks I can rely on this channel for truth for two years and great content. Thanks for keeping it real man!

  6. friend a question when a sale arrives at poshmark they send their shipping label in this case I am seizing Amazon from the supplier and they send directly with another tracking number what do I do in that case?

  7. Hello Friend how are you? I'm ready to start selling at poshmark by doing dropshipping

  8. I love resellers assistant!

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