WHY Would You Sell THESE On Amazon FBA In 2020?! | Stay Away

WHY Would You Sell THESE On Amazon FBA In 2020?! | Stay Away

If you’re looking for new private label products to sell on Amazon in 2020, PLEASE make sure you avoid the seven products I share in today’s video!

I’ve been completely mind blown with some of the stuff that these so called “Gurus” are telling people to sell on Amazon! In this video I’m going to show you exactly why you will go broke and your Amazon FBA business WILL fail if you decide to do any of these products!

You’ve been warned – stay away from these products!

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17 Thoughts to “WHY Would You Sell THESE On Amazon FBA In 2020?! | Stay Away”

  1. I have started my research to find out what product to sell on Amazon. What a struggle!

  2. Great video! very motivated to move on! You should publish some of it on fbamonthly.com

  3. #researchfail i looked up microfiber towels but immediately thought "no freaking way." Great video this helped alot as I am on the product selection phase now.

  4. Hi Stephan, what is the BSR plugin you are using?
    Great video thank you for all your help!

  5. no iphone charger cables ever 🙂

  6. Looked at water bottles a few years ago after spending time in Yiwu. #researchfail Loved looking at all the gorgeous designs but soon released the market was being flooded (haha).

  7. Why do you focus so heavily on the number of results? It seems almost impossible to find anything with <20k results and decent revenue even on smaller markets like .co.uk.

  8. I'm hard of hearing and thought he was looking for kid's water bubbles…

  9. Can anyone tell me what add-on attachment he is using that displays BSR, category, # of FBA sellers, and ASIN at the bottom of each listing in a search? I have Keepa but it doesn't do that. Help please.

  10. Would have been one of them if not for mpsh 👍. No product launched yet, but the course is forcing us rethink strategy in good way. #researchfail

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