Why Retail Arbitrage Works: Sharing My Pricing Strategies

Why Retail Arbitrage Works: Sharing My Pricing Strategies

Today I am breaking down my pricing strategy for Amazon FBA shipments and talking about pricing on Amazon in general. Why is it that Retail Arbitrage even works in the first place?

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7 Thoughts to “Why Retail Arbitrage Works: Sharing My Pricing Strategies”

  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. In general, reseller videos are quite a waste of time, because they are all filled with persi[onal yak yak, meet my kids and meet my pets, join my give away promo, go subscribe to my friend's channel and then, oh yeah, I guess I should say something about reselling, but this video is already too long, so maybe next time … LoL.

  2. Great info! I'm new to FBA and find myself getting frustrated with the sellers who are at a race to the bottom by tanking their prices. Most are probably new as they have no or low feedback. I respect competition but some of them are really aggressive. Any tips in a future vid on how to handle this reality without getting too salty would be so helpful! I'm selling on .CA and since it's a smaller market I recognize the sellers who do this. We are sourcing at the same discount retailers and I cringe whenever I see them on a listing lol. 🤦‍♂️

  3. This is the best answer I have heard and pretty much exactly what I do

  4. Yes feel the same about repricers

  5. Kinda off topic a little lol but what are your usual profit margins for the month ?

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