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7 Thoughts to “Why People Say That Amazon Automation Is A Scam? (TRUE FACTS)”

  1. I know that Automation it's not a scam because You- Andrei have a very good reputation, recognition and you have your own successful ecommerce business. Today Internet has a very strong power, and people check twoce before paying any money. I personally would use Amazon Automation by you, when I have enough money. ✊✊✊

  2. Obviously, they don't have any idea about Amazon's, ecommerce, etc value. But also if you are doing automation then at the same somewhere people are doing scam on the name of automation. May be those people talking against may have encountered with some scammer.

  3. Good video. Yeh, there was a video attacking another company doing automation but they fought back that the critic had to put down his video, lol. At the same time, I've seen amz automation companies scamming people or don't have the skills to successfully run a store during these hard times.

  4. Nice video… thanks for the advice.

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