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Why Judging Someone Is a Vulnerability | DailyVee 461 at VaynerMedia London, United Kingdom

Why Judging Someone Is a Vulnerability | DailyVee 461 at VaynerMedia London, United Kingdom

So many of you are looking at other people and just judging… Every second you spend thinking about someone else and judging them is time that you’re not spending working on yourself. You need to stop judging others and really audit yourself because in actuality, you probably have no idea what the full story of that other person really is.

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45 thoughts on “Why Judging Someone Is a Vulnerability | DailyVee 461 at VaynerMedia London, United Kingdom

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  2. Well finally, we got to be the generation to go through a great depression!

  3. 4:20 says stop judging people. Then proceeds to judge everyone, by saying "they suck" haha

  4. Love the idea of having the one conversation around the table. You're very much the host then and in control of where it all goes. Nice tip, thanks Gary!

  5. Judging the judgement is the judgement "asshole"

  6. This dude walks around thinking everything he says is introspective. Why does he think he has everything figured out? Does he ever stop talking? Is he always the center of every conversation? What would happen if he wasnt? Would he explode.

  7. I was trying to sign up for the First in line, why is asking for my address?

  8. Daily Grind Energy! Thank you Gary!

  9. Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24).

  10. This vid shows the stupidity of humanity. A toddler holds a knife in his hand and plays with it. The Child does want the knife. If you don’t judge him he will hurt himself. SMH

  11. Only liars dont want to be judged king david asked God to judge him and see if there was any wicked way in him and to show him the correct path. Everyone jedges everything otherwise how could you know what up or down was. Repent or go to hell

  12. Alexa send me happiness ??? I think that's it.

  13. Best thing about GaryVee, everything he says just feels right. It makes me believe in my best side instead of in my weaknesses. Since I was 13, every successive year I lost more and more of my original sense of optimism because I felt like it was dumb to be optimistic. I didn't let myself feel good because I believed that my own feelings were wrong, since everyone around me who liked to talk and who were more successful than me had such a dark outlook. That's why I'm glad someone optimistic and successful like Gary Vee is talking to people. His proof is in his life so you believe the positivity he brings. He shows that positivity can actually win in this world. And that is crazy. I love it.

  14. With judgement you can make progress, but sometimes it's a trap.I had situation where some Mexican worker screwed up something, I get mad but I didn't show it. Somebody else noticed that and told everyone that I don't like Mexicans.Really!!??
    That means I don't like Mexicans?!!
    I don't see connection, but ok!!
    So judgement can be trap, the fact you are thinking person doesn't mean your judgement is always right.
    Every nation has all kinds of people and characters

  15. How do you determine if someone is good if you don't judge them?

  16. I got one question for every one. I live in my car and i only have $58 in my bank account. Where's the money? I'm going to shoot my self in the head if I'm still broke by age 45.

  17. #firstinline "I'll remind you one more time I only have this company to buy brands <3 I love this strategic to the max and winning all the way

  18. coke not pepsi….. probably the only thing i am care about brand……and at that point i still dont really mind…

  19. my best friend relates w/ gary so much and has been working endlessly on her music for the past year. she dropped out of school, moved away from her family and started writing and singing/doing shows in order to be heard and help people.
    she suffers from depression and anxiety but is fighting to become the best version of herself possible. here is a clip of her:
    Please share ♥️ she deserves it

  20. 8:55 Is the reason I love Gary… Valuable, actionable info from this guy without the hard sell – I love it!

  21. You don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself and stop judging people

  22. It's videos like these why I am subscribed to Gary. I prefer to watch something like this i.e "a day in the life of GaryVee" where he spits nothing but the truth and it seems truly authentic. It's also funny how watching what Gary gets up to in his day-to-day life is a form of entertainment to me. Love you, Gary. Keep doing what you do.

  23. "Pole"
    "I see the pole"
    Favorite part 😉
    Luv u Gary!

  24. Love Gary, and 6:00 has me rolling haha great video

  25. I've been trying the Gary V diet where I only eat living things. I've lost a ton of weight from just the fight before every meal. #parapraxis

  26. When we judge others it's something within us not them.

  27. J B

    Alexa send me Gary Vee K Swiss

  28. Gary’s the truth baby! Great vlog ??

  29. Alexia send me Heineken, not beer!

  30. Wish I had more context to that last clip of the video in the meeting ! That was very valuable information !

  31. LMAO…Gary Vee just tried to order a Heineken Galvanized Bucket with MY Amazon Alexa. ($19.95…for the record)
    (Thanks for the entertainment. I just yelled at my Alexa to shut up for like 20 seconds. 😀 )

  32. I feel like I'm going to fall asleep watching these episodes one day, and my Alexa is going to order me a full grocery list! Haha

  33. 13:41 Voice platforms and winning the top of mind just mindblew me!

  34. I’m arbic person i don’t understand all of this because my language it’s not perfect but you are kind and I loved your videos .

  35. Oh, Gary eat food !!!!! He is not a robot!

  36. I would 100% say food items are my specific brand name choices…Heniz Ketchup, Fruit Loops/Corn Pops/ Frosted Flakes/Coco Puffs, Cape Code Salt and Vinegar crisp..etc…

  37. You are the true definition of an influencer. have so much respect for you and your direct honesty. just wanted to say Thank you

  38. no cereal for me, Alexa I'll take a dozen organic eggs :p

  39. He can talk.. and people listen

  40. How doesn’t he stop? thank youuuu for every video

  41. I am an Aries so usually jump first but here is what I liked said in the video @5:46 “the reason I am patient is because I am not trying to prove anything to anyone else but MYSELF…. and I have my whole Life to Do That” Gary Vee

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