Why is Chasing Perfection a Bad Idea – Jose's Monday Motivation

Why is Chasing Perfection a Bad Idea - Jose's Monday Motivation

In this episode we discuss What is The Actual Secret? – Jose’s Monday Motivation #motivational #motivation #motivationalvideo

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  1. What about the person who dies with the most toys wins

  2. Jesus man😅 you all wet and swetty. Look at your tshirt😁 thats just too hot in Merida man. I couldnt stand looking like that every day, all my cloths wet😂 well thanks for the vid

  3. Your number one for merida YouTube videos

  4. Happy Birthday Jose!!! You mentioned in a previous vid you have a Sept. BDay, you are a Virgo, like me and we have Perfection tendencies…..it can hold us back at times. Great subject btw

  5. my dude pero tu eres el number one!

  6. Dr. Arteaga, keeping it REAL! Meow!

  7. my motto ,,,,One day at a time ,,,Jose Blose 😉

  8. You always make me proud buddy. I remember your first video. You made yourself a challenge and you're doing it! 👍😎

  9. Peace and Love 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    ♫•*(¯`v´¯) ¸.•*❤ great Video..thumbs up!!!

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    Watched full video as well.

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