Why I Hate Gary Vee

Why I Hate Gary Vee

Everyone has their “Why” when it comes to how they got into fitness.

Health 👨‍⚕️

Wealth 💴

Loved ones ❤️

Spouse 💎

Dating Life?

It is up to YOU. But this will explain WHY YOU NEED TO START.

A way that is predicated on hard work, proper structuring, and real nutrition.

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5 Thoughts to “Why I Hate Gary Vee”

  1. Thank you! Gary Vee annoys the fuck out of me as well. What you mention are all solid reasons

  2. My boss, is a good person but he can be a cold hearted son of a bitch too. I understand businesses don't work on just emotions. But what people don't realise is that products and services that these businesses produce, are for people with emotions. I saw the same sort of mentality between GV and my boss. Both of them are hard bent upon the ideology of profit. My boss is exactly GV's copy and he completely doesn't give a fuck about his employees. I am going through a Divorce and have other stress and anxiety related issues because of so many other things. The answer my boss gave was, "we are here to make money, just focus on that, don't make mistakes at work and everything else will be fine". I mean he didn't even ask, why the mistakes are happening even.

  3. Casey do you have a business course?

  4. I feel like Gary vee is in two camps at once: I feel like he is a dedicated businessman and I think he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of humanity.
    Honestly I think he’s playing the slow-game with his business while simultaneously trying to improve the lives of our generation. I think he’s fucking awesome, and just curious to see where he goes in the future

  5. Casey to think this is the first video I watch of yours and I think it’s fantastic because you actually give really useful plans for anyone’s daily life and just some free firmed thoughts that you pulled out of your ass. Definitely going to check out your other vids when I get the chance. I’m personally going to try out your business and fitness advice. Thanks so much man!

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