Why Basketball Cards Will Outperform Sneaker Reselling

Why Basketball Cards Will Outperform Sneaker Reselling

While Gary and Wale were taking a question from someone on the #AskGaryVee show, they ended up getting into a conversation about trends and sneaker culture. Sneaker culture and flipping shoes may be one of the more profitable things right now, but Gary thinks the tides are slowly changing in favor of trading cards.

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30 Thoughts to “Why Basketball Cards Will Outperform Sneaker Reselling”

  1. Can you do some more videos like this man. Would greatly appreciate it. I am getting into card collecting

  2. Super dope! Check me out for free sports cards!

  3. I do agree with the fact that sports cards are getting big but I don't think that they will be bigger than the shoe reselling market. This year a pair of ben & jerry dunks retailed at $100 sold out and resold for $1.8k+ every size

  4. If the Raptors win the Championship this year Patrick McCaw will be the only active player in the league with 4 or more rings, the youngest player ever to win 4 rings, and the only one in the last 30+ years to win 4 rings in a row. His Silver Prizm RCs are on COMC right now for like .85 cents…..you guys can thank me later.
    P.S. If the Raptors beat the Lakers or Clippers in the Finals, he will be part of the team that stopped Lebron or Kawhi from winning Finals MVP on 3rd team.

  5. It's been barely a year and that card you mentioned in a PSA NINE is ending at over +$1,300 on ebay at auctions.

  6. Thx for the video. I just bought over 40,000 baseball, football and basketball cards that 98% are in mint condition all for $100

  7. That card is worth $2,500 today.. smh, I missed this opportunity.. 🤦‍♂️

  8. This must be the most annoying video and host I have ever seen. Why don´t you just keep quiet and let the people on your show talk!

  9. Gary Took your advice and started checking out the basketball market and last month dropped 1K on basketball cards that I did my background on Made 5K in one month 4000 profit thank you so much Gary

  10. A year later they are $2100! Damn!

  11. the cards already going for $500+ and the Bucks didn't even make the final.

  12. That card is already worth $2000

  13. That card is worth way more than that and it’s only been 1 year.

  14. I agree with the guest, that there’s more luck than talent, but I agree that you can make your own luck. Keep trying new things.

  15. Can anyone help me out and let me know which card companies are worth the most or bought the most and which brands are rip offs

  16. this card is selling for $1200 currently. under 1 year later

  17. If I buy a sports card of player who is not doing good right now, when the player did well in future , value of his card is gone increase or not which I buy now..

  18. Respectfully, sports cards are not going to outpace sneakers at scale with regards to investments and overall demand. Not everybody loves sports or cards; everybody wears sneakers, and people from every market push the demand for sneakers (even if it's not intentional) be it a comedian, movie star, influencer, rapper, athlete, neighbor, friend, or family member. But as a 1 to 1 comparison Sneakers vs Basketball cards (Or Sports cards) sneakers will win every time, and that's not to say you can't make money or good investments on individual cards, but at at scale sneakers will continue to win every time, now, and still in five years.

  19. Does the IRS come into play when selling and profiting from sports cards?

  20. my opinion will still be worth

  21. Today is March 4th 2020 and that Giannis card is $1200 right now

  22. a year later the giannis card is over $1500..

  23. gotta give it to this guy…..that $300 card, less than a year later, going for over $1700.

  24. He speaks the truth on the cards. I bought a Luka Doncic donruss optic silver holo rookie card at the end of the season last year for $43. $40 for the card and $3 for shipping. The last ungraded one to sell on eBay on 2/21/2020 sold for $579.99. My only regret was I didn’t buy more at that price last year. No way you can even get one now for under $500.00. If you are trying to cash in and flip you gotta get in at the right time. Here’s a tip, go after Colby White now!

  25. Sports cards are coming back for people like me who collected as a kid spending what little money I had on cards. Now I’m grown and have a great career and drop tens of thousands on cards.

  26. Gary Vee is always on the brink of being annoyed with everyone he’s talking to. 😂

  27. DUDE…the GIANNIS is going for $2,000 in 2020!!!!!

  28. he's right thoe i really hated jordan im 55 he really impeded the knicks from a title and the rest of the league but now i appreciate his greatness

  29. Giannis’ hit the 1k mark

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