Why Are My Items Not Selling? Is Ebay DEAD?

Why Are My Items Not Selling? Is Ebay DEAD?

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29 Thoughts to “Why Are My Items Not Selling? Is Ebay DEAD?”

  1. Ebay is full of dodgy people selling rubbish fake, broken junk, also if you sell you are open to dodgy thieves!
    Amazon is safer also Facebook is a good alternative

  2. definitely dead.. buyer asked for my contact info, and it cost me 25.50.. i even told the buyer it was against ebay rules for me to respond..

  3. Hey, does anyone know of any class action suits against ebay for giving buyers refunds and ripping off sellers?

  4. Selling on Facebook groups way better

  5. Yeah I’ve sold items since 2015 with 100% positive feedback and used to make really good money on there, now I have over 100 items listed, for about a couple weeks now, with keywords, good pictures and all the prices even cut down to bottom dollar and still not a single sell.

  6. i've been selling on ebay for years and i'm not sure what have they done to the algorythms but something is definitely off. Listings not appearing on search even with the exact words of your title, constantly activating offers on your listings without your consent to push you to sell for a cheaper price…..it seems to me that unless you are willing to sell designer stuff for a tenner you are not going to sell anything. On top of that, pinterest shows my pins from my board as from ebay on google image search and does not have my profile link on the image . ebay has never cared about sellers but now they are just arrogant about it, i'm moving on to etsy which is a dream coming from ebay's hellish tactics.

  7. It seems like nobody is on eBay anymore. 5 years ago I couldn’t keep up and I was listing anything I found that I thought would be of interest. Now, I have good items, hard to find and nobody cares. In fact I get a lot of emails of people wanting anywhere from $10-50 off the price. I recently removed free shipping see if that works because shipping is expensive! Not like it was really “free” but I think too many people see the entire price as the item value. eBay rates are a little ridiculous too. I already owe eBay $30 for 5 items.

  8. Thank u this was a very informative video. I been selling on Ebay for about a year. I recently got a amazon Seller account but to me it is so confusing with listing pricing shipping merc FBa etc. Also subbed

  9. All Third Party Platforms are dead do it on your own

  10. paypal is killing eba
    y.. everyone i know and their mother are banned from paypal. and in general paypal is a pain and difficult. i got banned when someone stole my account. now i cant sell on ebay. tried many times to appeal my ban… its all ran by an Ai program. it sucked anyways. i'de sell stuff faster on letgo app either way. DOWN with paypal!! Now if ebay got rid of paypal i would be so happy.

  11. eBay dropshipping now is really hard but comparing it to Amazon FBA it's more for beginners I think ( or maybe was – now it's hard because of competition )
    There's a lot of opportunities on eBay but we have to try harder

  12. "Alot of comments on my channel. " I am the 30th comment. Yeah this channel is booming. Lmfao.

  13. Ebay is now Made In China.. Just  like Walmart. They don't want usa sellers. Wake up folks. Fire there ass. Watch them go out of business

  14. The weekends used to sell like 20 or 25 approximately $20 item average sales in a couple days. Since September the weekends are dead we are trs and free returns and perfect fb? Makes no sense. No news at all. Does anyone know what is wrong with the Algorithm at eBay?

    . 👆USA TRUMP 2018

  16. Hey I’m rather new to eBay selling and have only made around $500, but I am getting increasingly nervous about how taxes and eBay work do you think you could make a video about it ? Thanks!

  17. Thanks, i thought I was going crazy. Hardly any sales since July. I don't see the link for your courses. Can you share that? Thanks!

  18. What's up man, I run a channel about eBay and Amazon drop-shipping. Would love to pay you to get on your channel and we can discuss anything to do with the business. I can give you my email if interested.

  19. It's true, back in 2016 my sales were a lot better

  20. Yes. It is dead. I don't know what they've done to the algorithm, but they've done something bad that made sales disappear.

  21. Jeff Bezos CEO/Founder of Amazon is currently the RICHEST MAN on the planet 💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸

  22. Hi I'm new to your channel. Do you you use VAs and if so how many do you have?

  23. Thank you for the tips Maxwell! Great video. Do you recommend selling on books on Ebay instead of Amazon UK?

  24. Always helpful info, Carter, so
    THX for helping other resellers succeed~Really like what you said about "Looking for other excellent opportunities!!"
    Spot-On advice😁:)
    It is all about ADAPTing to the market and sourcing different categories for eBay or moving to other platforms for increasing sales💲💲…

  25. "I dont really do much homework." Lol.

    Keep up the good work man. Love the videos.

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