Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Performing? – Facebook Ads 2020

Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Performing? - Facebook Ads 2020

In this Facebook ads tutorial I answer one of the questions that I get the most, why are my Facebook ads not performing. In this Facebook ads strategy 2020 I show your how to go into your ad set and use the Facebook inspection tool or Facebook inspect tool inside Facebook ads manager where you can break down your data and check what is causing your Facebook ad set or Facebook campaign not to perform. This also works with Facebook ads for local business as well and even Facebook ads Shopify. With Facebook ads 2020 its your job to keep with the latest updates.

Facebook custom converion can be very powerful but without the proper set up with the Facebook pixel in place for scaling Facebook ads campaigns can get a bit complicated and you might be setting yourself up for failure with fb ads and your Facebook marketing overall.

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  1. so when you end up having a high audience overlap, do you end up killing one of the audiences in one of the campaigns?

  2. good video mate.so whats the remedy? using bigger sized audiences for adsets? stacking the winning ad sets together?

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