Why 99% People Fail with Facebook ads – Top 3 Mistakes

Why 99% People Fail with Facebook ads - Top 3 Mistakes

In this video, I talk about some of the most common Facebook advertising mistakes and problems.

Most business owners struggle to make Facebook ads work for them… If your ads aren’t working, chances are you’re making some of the mistakes I cover in this video.

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4 Thoughts to “Why 99% People Fail with Facebook ads – Top 3 Mistakes”

  1. Struggling with Facebook ads? Check out my Funnel Academy programme 👉 https://myfunnelacademy.com/

  2. Oh boy I fell into the boost post trap on Instagram trying to promote my documentary.

    I got around 7000 impressions, but only 100 likes, and 1 click through to the video.

  3. I love your analogy of a fluorescent person stopping us in the street to sell!

  4. First to watch very informative thx👍

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