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Why 99% Of People Fail At Amazon FBA | Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Why 99% Of People Fail At Amazon FBA | Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Hey guys! Let’s talk about why so many people fail on Amazon FBA. The dreams are there, the ambition’s there, but what’s missing? Today I’m gonna talk about a few factors that will help you hone your focus to razor sharpness and make sure those dreams don’t stay just dreams.

If you’ve ever needed a push to start your entrepreneurship journey, make sure to watch this video.

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39 thoughts on “Why 99% Of People Fail At Amazon FBA | Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

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  2. Full of positive vibes, just what I needed ❤️❤️

  3. Yeee The most important buy his courses. 😒😒😒

  4. i wish i could buy ur course, honestly! thats all i want for my success, do you give a scholarship?

  5. dan, do u think asm is necessary to start amazon fba

  6. never forget having the right strategic is important especially promotion so i will advice any seller to consult next level ninjas for their product promotion on amazon and good rating

  7. Where do you guys get this 99% figure. Doesn’t sound like it’s based on any real stats. No one has anything to back it up.

  8. Thanks so much..I am from India.. very much encouraging video for me. Just starting with Amazon FBA.

  9. I totally agree with you 100%

  10. Hi ,, Thank you for the video ! Appreciate it, I already have the product I am going to sell on Amazon. I just need help listing it. If you are willing to help me, please let me know. Thank you !

  11. I agree with everything but with the courses I have already have been scammed!

  12. You are speaking a lot of true.

  13. Hey Dan,
    Did you invest in a program for online selling?

  14. This guy is the real deal.. he actually gives a shit about helping people….. im definitely going to purchase his course..

  15. bro im having a very bad year, i already payed 950€ course and i have no idea how to find a product you in some videos teach me weeeeeeeeeeell more than my bs course. I am already 6 months learning and dont even have my first product jet but im very close to do my first order, every time i see one of your videos my tears shows. Thanks from the bottom of my heart man, thanks , thanks. By the way I am from spain. Kind regards

  16. Hi, great video as always! The problem is I can't even get verified with Amazon FBA and it won't tell me what I did wrong and if I can reapply. There is no contact number either!

  17. Ive never in my life had a work passion as I do in amazon fba .And I know this beacuse even if my first product fails . I will never give up ill dedicate all the time I need . Because its my dream to own my own business and never work for anyone ..so its different mentality. from people that just want this for fast money . And have no perseverance

  18. Love and respect from India

  19. One mistake I made was to order product before my US bank account was set-up!!! Have patience.

  20. The Video information is good. Sir, I didn't find a link of an E – book download which you mentioned at your video.

  21. Hey, I want to stay a great business. Fires your course cover everything you need to do in order to be successful

  22. i hate when you all try to make me pay for your god damn curse when im 100% sure you didnt paid for that shit when u started lol

  23. Just curious what paid course you took originally assuming you followed your own advice.

  24. Val

    So in other words you trying to sell your services and giving not much of valuable info to start with. That how mainstream education works. Pay us now and years after 🙂 nothing new here. Everyone can read books and Amazon making it so easy to understand process – it should be called tutorial for dummies. If only everyone read to the end and no drop half way.

  25. Hello kids it's your daddy here if anyone needs help studying up their website or if you want to just go play outside let me know now this isn't GoDaddy this is techwyse not a Wyse terminal which most you don't know I was before the internet I remember you might know how to get a product you might know how to White Label a product you might know how to put it on Amazon and have them take 45% of your profit but there's a lot more than that there's a lot more than paying for a class or seminar or a handbook let me show you the way let me help you out let me answer some tough questions for you

  26. How is Amazon fba market in September 2019? Thanks for the great work

  27. Im 31 and it took me a long time to find a young dude with a larger forehead than mine. You inspire and help me in many ways my dude.

  28. It's called common sense

  29. Does your course or others out there thoroughly explain: ordering samples and products/ communicating with manufacturers/ branding/ shipping/ and communicating with amazon? Because that’s where I’m most confused.

    I can source a product okay, but it’s the other details that I definitely will need mentoring on.

  30. That hairline has it's own area code

  31. Most new sellers will give up when they see no profit after six months of selling. TBH we nearly gave up after a year of moderate to no sales. Good thing we didn't. But it's still painful to be laser focused when no money is coming in. It's painful. Hard to tell people not to give up when they are in emotional pain because we forget to be focused and rational at that point. Videos like this should be able to help new sellers when it comes what they expect to happen to what will really happen in reality.

  32. He's right. The biggest and best have also taken the most licks.
    That's why they're they biggest and best.

  33. Great advice。Thank you。

  34. Does his course have access to names of suppliers

  35. Amazon is from Seattle Washington, America. I thought China

  36. whats a reasonable starting amount?

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