Wholesaling Real Estate | SoCal Popup

Wholesaling Real Estate | SoCal Popup

I met up with Scot Oots and Mike Yanker in Fullerton, Ca to co-host a meetup. More content from the meetup and traveling coming up this week.

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Mike’s: https://www.instagram.com/mikey__85/

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37 Thoughts to “Wholesaling Real Estate | SoCal Popup”

  1. Who opens the trust buyer or seller? And is the property deeded over to the trust?

  2. I'm a mobile notary in both California and Nevada. Look me up on Google, FB and Yelp: Sweet Seal Notary.

  3. Hey Max, you speak about your attorney. Do you have to pay him monthly to represent you? Or do you only pay him for transactions. Debating on whether I should work with title or attorney

  4. Hmm….the one white guy in the middle has one too many slick tricks that sound like he might be fine lying to banks and other authorities. Be careful doing business with him Max…I could be reading too much into it from a short video. But like your attorney said in one of your video…"operate your business like th FBI is coming to look at your books any given moment." Love your channel and all the great info. you give out for free!!

  5. Max, u always say you never double close, but yet you always avoid saying exactly how your attorney closes. What's up with that?

  6. 17:45 "He's got an axe, you need a scalpel" and you need to learn how to use the tool you have before you move to another one. Max is preachin' today!

  7. Thank you for recording this!

  8. You say "realitor" and I say "REALTOR"

  9. Great Info as always Max..appreciated

  10. Wow this is here in Cali… wouldโ€™ve been nice to be there. Any ways of knowing when Pop UPS are going to happen?

  11. So much to process in my head!!

  12. I got the vacant property list of my county for free due to the FOIA act lol…

  13. I don't like how dude in the middle interjects when Max is speaking. Max does not disrespect him when he is speaking.

  14. Hi, do you have any Meetup groups in NJ or NYC?. I really want to learn all about this I just joined your FB group today, everyone is doing great, they have really learned from you, it's so noticeable just with their Lingo alone. Thank you!!

  15. Damn Scottโ€™s Otts is in my market crushing it making 4 mill a year how can I compete with that guy with his resources. Serious questions though Iโ€™ve sent out mailer thousands of cold calls and nothing not giving up.

  16. Aww missed it! Thanks for posting this Scott and Max. Quality information as always.

  17. Critical information right here! I'm Pulling lists of over 1000 leads right now. Save money and log on to http://www.cashprohomebuyer.com they'll get you the best discount. Much success for 2019

  18. I wouldโ€™ve driven to Corona or Fullerton. From Woodland Hills for this one. Had I known.
    – I missed a good one. Thanks for this video. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ


  19. Once again my brother you've done your thing !! You guys are freaking Geniuses! Thanks to the info from your Pop ups and other videos I'm getting ready to close on my second property this month due to the silent free mentoring from you #therealmaxmaxwell๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘..
    One question though, is that a pop up or a live conference? Lol that place is PACKED!! Thanks Max… #hustleclub

  20. Max deals well with the disrespect from the guy in the middle

  21. Great discussion! Was the video blurry for anyone else?

  22. Wholesaling Dream Team Right Here Yall!!!! Thanks Max!

  23. These popups are legit! Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas again.

  24. This is great. You could hear the camera guy drinking their water ๐Ÿ˜‚. This is a great video though. So much great information.

  25. It's great that you are sharing the entire "pop-ups" now. So many nuggets in these sessions.

  26. Get surgical with the scalpel and carve out beautiful designs in the wood before you get the Axe & chop down the forest to harvest your creations

  27. They can do the list on podio. Add the different categories and see what crosses more.

  28. My ears to the wire I'm watching

  29. Max ,
    I really like your new creative spaces
    Great job on the build out. Canโ€™t wait to see all of them.

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