Which Facebook Ads Placement Delivers the Best Results?

Which Facebook Ads Placement Delivers the Best Results?

So which Facebook ads placement delivers the best results?

Facebook ad placements are the locations on Facebook & Instagram where your Facebook ads will be shown to your target audience.

You select your Facebook placements at the ad set level, and they can make or break your Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook’s default is automatic placements, which includes everything. Sometimes this is appropriate, sometimes it isn’t.

In this video I provide examples of when it is best to use automatic placements on Facebook, and when to edit placements. I also show you which Facebook ad placements tend to be most effective for the various Facebook ad campaign objectives.


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11 Thoughts to “Which Facebook Ads Placement Delivers the Best Results?”

  1. I have one product to sale it's about skin care
    Which use best automatic or manual and what selections you suggests,?thanks

  2. Thanks mate! I actually always did it the other way around and used only feed for conversions. I will try your way for the next ad campaign!

  3. Hi Ben, good video as always! I’m trying out a hair growth product and since I’m launching it, I’d like to start boosting my page for traffic. So my question is, should I edit the placements for news feed only or set it as automatic placement. And does fb reduce the cost if I edit the placement to display ads only one on place?

  4. Hey Ben! So I have a conversion campaign but when I do edit placements the reach is higher. Should I stick with that one always if it has more reach or?

  5. Where can you view the results of placements per campaign??

  6. Yes, it was useful. THank you

  7. I hope to hear more about this topics for Facebook Business Manager

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