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Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

You always find what you are looking for. If you want to dwell and complain about how you’re stuck in quarantine and its ruining your life, then it will. On the other hand, if you take the time to try and see the positives of the situation, you will be grateful and actually be able to come out of the coronavirus pandemic in a better position than you were before it started. On this episode of “Tea With Garyvee”, Gary takes questions from 9 different people in tough situations and shares his perspective on how they can get out of it, even while stuck inside all day. There is a lot of valuable advice here so please watch all the way through… Enjoy


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37 thoughts on “Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

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  3. my channel improved so much because of his advice, i follow his idea,it worked his idea worked, i listen to his idea and it work wow never seen my you tube channel proved

  4. I need the intro…. a full song ?

  5. Hey I need advice @garyvee or anyone else! I have 11K followers on TikTok, 2K on IG, and 250 here on YouTube. I’m a high school athlete so I don’t have all the time in the world to make content. Would it be better to make 3-4 Tiktoks a day and not go as hard on YouTube, like 1 video or less a week, or keep it balanced, 2 tiktoks a day, and two YouTube uploads a week? Should I hammer down on what’s gaining me the most followers or keep growing gradually on all 3 platforms? Thanks so much!

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  7. you are very cool mate Gary vee i am an actor filmmaker from mumbai listed in IMDB and listed film producer in mumbai film industry .. lets get in touch mate .. kind regards

  8. Brother, great show. Today I found a Spanish financial video talking about your
    "crushing it" book and how you are influencing people.
    Awesome Show. you are a beast

  9. "before Kyrie he took Cavs to the finals a lot". Yea 1 time and got swept by the Spurs lol

  10. Hi Guys quick question does anyone know the best way to gain subs or followers on social media. To build a fan base or brand?

  11. "I'm coming in hot…" – Andy Mineo

  12. Yoo Garyvee thank you so much for pushing me, i really iam happy what im doin right now. ❤️. I just dropped my first Q&A, don’t hesitate to watch it ?

  13. GaryVee Hi Gary! I really need some advice. I've been working in a job that I really don't like, it was good at start but I've really grown tired of it and everyone I knew to begin with has gone. I've been saving up money for months and I would like to leave but I'm worried that if I give in my notice with the pandemic that's going on I'll end up regretting it. I installed tiktok in November following your advice and I've been growing a following (7.5k followers) I want to leave the job and focus more on tiktok, this job takes up 40 hours of my week giving me little time to work on projects (I make cartoons) should I leave the job and work on growing my tiktok channel or would I be making a bad mistake with what's going on at the moment? I'm worried that if anything fails it'll be harder for me to get another job and I'll end up back in the hole I was in when I was unemployed 1 year ago. (Ps. I didn't even know what tiktok was until you said to use it, which I thank you greatly for; it's given me hope to do something I enjoy doing). My name is @jmbpro on tiktok.

  14. Always clear and inspiring. You've helped me get started, thank you.

  15. Hey Gary! I just wanted to say you’ve been a huge inspiration to me! I’ve finally decided to start doing YouTube again after giving up for a while. I’ve finally started posting gaming videos that I really enjoy! Thanks again for being you dude!

  16. Daily Energy plus Tea with Garyvee! Thank you Gary!

  17. Most people want what comes from success but they don’t enjoy the process and that’s why they don’t end up being successful….

    Thank you Gary!

  18. I think garyvee is a super mind and he his my mentor I have followed his advice and create a YouTube. Of my own thanks garyvee you are the best

  19. I love the new tea with gary v format, the talking to people is much improve imo, but I miss the higher quality. I love these episode, just want to be able to hear the great content more clearly ?

  20. Hello from England. I would love to go to a Jets game. Just wondering what game they play?

  21. Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn't that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.???

  22. life is so amazing! You will be the 78 year old outfielder and I'll be the 109 year old fan cheering ya'll on! go man… from one freedom spirit to another!

  23. Dude your energy is CRAZY… you've motivated me to up my YouTube game….

  24. love this video so great

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  26. Gary have you prayed today? God bless you Jesus loves you and you have done so much to help others. Hear his voice and don't reject it when he speaks to you.

  27. hey gary sir
    one question please
    i am thinking of started a new blog business
    but then one second thought is in my mind
    that is
    will i5 still be there after 5 years?

  28. 27:36 My tweet to Gary in 2009 didn't get a reply. It was a throwaway joke that didn't need a reply. But I want to call out the 100% comment each time I hear it. The intent is real and his ethic is strong, so I don't want to dilute the actual point. Truth is, I'd rather be proven wrong, see that I did get a reply and find it's me who missed a comment all those years ago.


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