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What's An Ebegger? How Much Do We Make On YouTube, Amazon, and Patreon?

What's An Ebegger? How Much Do We Make On YouTube, Amazon, and Patreon?

In this video Stacy talks about what it means when we are called an ebegger and how much we make through our YouTube channel. She also includes how much we make on Amazon and Patreon. There is a lot of controversy surrounding creators on YouTube making an income, and to be honest many of us do not make as much as viewers believe. It takes time and work to make a good living off of YouTube, Amazon, and Patreon, and you pretty much have to have all three to make it.

Why I receive a pension: https://youtu.be/cYhRHTe0bKI

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39 thoughts on “What's An Ebegger? How Much Do We Make On YouTube, Amazon, and Patreon?

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    ✪ It doesn't cost you anything to use our affiliate links and we will get a small % of the sale. It's a win win! We give info, our time, and our honest opinion, you buy what you were going to anyway and tell us thanks buy using our link! ✪

    -Thomas & Stacy

  2. Love your honesty and openness.

  3. We call those people who call u names.we call hypocrites. Remember ,stick and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt u.

  4. I about lost my "S" this week. I launched T-shirts and I was called an ebegger. Really they are just a bunch of jealous haters that wish they were able to do what we do. Really though, ebegging can be a problem. In the game community people are essentially getting their subscribers to pay for expensive video games, home repairs etc. I think in that arena it's pretty gross. Having ads or selling merch is NOT ebegging.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the details of how much y'all make on YouTube. It motivates us. We know, from experience, you put a lot of work in each week. Thanks again for sharing.
    Danny and Lynn

  6. thank you for all the videos, i really appreciate it. good luck to you and your family

  7. Ignore the haters. I just say this Dr Seuss type quote ( as you know the poor doc is under fire ) that goes something like this.
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

    Question, do you get advertising revenue if the viewer elects to press skip ad?

    Like you guys and your channel. Keep living the life.

  8. Stacy, this is another well informed video that I am really getting used to. I see almost everybody, like you said, has amazon store, but I never really understood how it worked. I did understand that it doesn't cost anymore for me, but I didn't really know how it all worked. You have had the best explanation to date for me. I will definitely buy stuff from your store. I also do videos, but not to the extent that you guys do, I just do a lot of vlogging, and I am not good at explaining things like you guys, but my point is, I know how much work it takes to do what you do. I wouldn't ever think anything bad about how you guys raise money. The thing is it isn't like there is money that you just get. You have to raise it or you don't get it. I get that. Anyway, thank you for your transparency. I didn't really understand how all of that worked, but I feel like a pro now. Me and Zuckerburg, don't see eye to eye, so I probably wont follow you on Patreon, but I am definitely going to use your store to buy Amazon products. You guys deserve that. As you probably know by now, I am a Thomas Solar power fan! Keep up the good work! Still working on catching up on your library. Sorry for the long winded comment.

  9. I have made a few videos and I know the work that goes into them. I can’t even imagine the commitment and work it takes to run a channel. I commend you both. Thank you love watching keep up the good work.

  10. Thank you guys for your transparency on this. So refreshing to hear what people actually make.

  11. If you have a patreon you are essentially putting in 0 effort, in return for money.

  12. How are likes to your videos and number of subscribers monetized thru YouTube?

  13. I have an idea for you… Diversify the subject of your YouTube videos… Finances, outdoors life, RV is a small niche… You can do makeup videos, culture videos, so on…

  14. You are a wonderful lady, very sweet, your husband is a lucky guy, and never feel bad for making money… You are worth every penny

  15. Thank you for this video. You were 100% transparent in how you make money and how much you make. As my wife and I watched it we were very impressed how open you were and even telling all of us personal information like how much your pension is. I am a disabled vet and I am not comfortable talking about things like that. We love your honesty and also how you do not use click bate. I also watch a lot of sailing channels and I am shocked at how these guys exploit their wives and girlfriends for views. Keep posting and we will keep watching.

  16. I now let each commercial play all the way through………no more "skip add" button for me.

  17. I have been a long time YouTuber to get great How To information. You can learn whatever you want on YouTube. I am 100% for you making money and you should be. But truthfully I have unfollowed so many channels throughout the years because their channels become so sponsored. So sponsored that I lose faith in what they are telling me. So sponsored that most of the shows are promoting instead of the great facts and information that drew me to the channel in the first place. I notice myself more and more finding a new channel with great content that is just starting off. I know eBegger is a horrible negative word because you definitely should be getting paid for your hard work. But my advice to any channel is to find the happy medium. Where you are getting as much money as you can but not changing the focus of your show.

  18. It's just trolls – there are so many out there now that their lives are so miserable that they can't do anything better than to drag people down. If they have never tried to put content out there that people use, then edit it and complete it, then they don't know how time consuming it is – keep up the good work guys and just keep blocking the trolls 🙂

  19. I'm sorry you had to put out a video defending your lifestyle. In an ideal world, that wouldn't be necessary.

  20. Wow…thank you for the transparency in the financing! I just recently stumbled across your channel as I am doing research to see if we want to even get an RV (not doing it full time). Excellent content, and I am motivated by how economical your RV purchase was, AND how economical you show camping in an RV to be (your more recent video about costs for nights from Mexico up into Utah was very insightful (I was thinking our options were Walmart parking lots or expensive RV parks)

  21. I dont find a problem with getting money

  22. At least you don't live on government handouts…….. god bless.

  23. Don’t let anyone like that upset you. I like your videos and have watched many of them. Some for entertainment and some for reference. I have learned a lot from you guys, thank you for what you do!

  24. You guys are cool to have shared this information, though I believe it is sad that you were driven in this direction by idiots that are jealous of what you do, and how you do it. Keep rockin' !

  25. Good job on the video.I thank both of you for you're service and have great respect for what all P.O,s do .Keep on trucking,,,pete d

  26. Nan

    Just now watching this video. I have learned so much from Youtubers. You are able to tell us things so that we don't have to make the same mistake. You share places you go and make us want to go there. There are plenty of people that physically able to RV and are living it through you. So, never feel bad when you are being bashed. Jealousy rears it's head is weird ways. Love your channel

  27. I think you are the FIRST YouTuber to explain all of this. Thank you for being so candid. I didn't realize by hitting that SKIP button I was not contributing to the bottom line. I will be more cautious in the future ❤️

  28. You forgot reality tv shows

  29. Your channel is amazing and you deserve to make more. The info has been so helpful for me as a newbie RV’er.

  30. Clearly, 'content creation' is not a simple, nor, easy task. The hidden hours of editing, cutting in drone footage, adding music, etc… Oh, what about content? Duh. If I'm NOT interested- I'm NOT watching. So, E-begging is more than 5% dedicated to asking for likes, subscribes & Patreon donations. If you ask for a click, or a subscribe- that's the nature of content creation- if you do it 3 times (5 minutes each)- unless your content is UNIQUE, people will leave. Great video, and- thank you for clarifying things- I appreciate it.

  31. Your tips are great!Thank you!

  32. How did you get that sofa in your RV?

  33. A.

    Sorry of this is a dumb question 🙂 Do you make money from people who watch but have YT Premium so there aren't any ads in the videos??

  34. Thanks Stacy for this video. I learned a lot about how YouTube works and more importantly all the effort you put to make the videos. I would love to do RVing but my wife is set against it! But I can get a feel for what RVing entails from your channel. Keep em coming. Just subscribed to your channel. Look forward to your videos. Be safe out there.

  35. Really it`s none of anyboby`s business .As just the same, i`m not going to be concerned with what people think of me .I have no control how anybody thinks. No blury lines here. Some body does not have good boundaries,Life must be very fustrating (adjective
    causing annoyance or upset because of an inability to change or achieve something.)  Be Well .You folk look really Happy

  36. Hi fellow RVers! I’m so naive I didn’t even know the term e-begger I’m new to your channel, but I go back a ways on several others. In general I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and all the work that must go into these videos. Including yours. So ignore the nay-sayers! I also want to say thank you for your service – I’m glad you survived your “accident “ . I have a grand-daughter who is a police officer, so this hits close to home! Take care, Bill Murray – yes I am real – sorry.

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