What Would GaryVee Do Today if He Owned Nintendo?

What Would GaryVee Do Today if He Owned Nintendo?

Regardless of what business you are in, every company needs to have a media aspect to them where they are creating and producing content for the biggest social media platforms. If Nintendo was leveraging their incredible IP’s like “Super Mario” or “The Legend of Zelda” and making custom social media content for them outside the game, the amount of awareness and relevance would be even crazier than it currently is.

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21 Thoughts to “What Would GaryVee Do Today if He Owned Nintendo?”

  1. Just saw one of the first couple of PlayStation tik toks roll through my for you page. They heard you!

  2. Sorry, but I have to disagree with your God on this one. Nintendo did in fact reboot most of their classic brands. The answer is to release the IP's (mario, zelda, etc) to other developers on multiple platforms. This has been what gamers have wanted for years.

  3. He talks about things that fans do not want. No one who enjoys Nintendo games wants Nintendo fortnite bc fortnite does not play like a Nintendo game. Also streaming and mobile is not what gamers want. That’s what the Chinese want, the South Koreans want. Asian territories that don’t use consoles. Also, Megaman isn’t a Nintendo IP, even though he is synonymous with the platform. He’s a Capcom property. All that considered though I do wish Nintendo would fund for a revival of classic IPs that play like refined versions of their predecessors. Castlevania is one I wish would happen. They tried with Contra (though cross platform) and it was a disaster. Learn from those mistakes and improve.

  4. I strongly disagree with Gary on this one. Nintendo became NINTENDO because of their innovation and creation of the Nintendo universe of characters. What Gary is advocating here is basically what Hollywood is doing, which is to keep reheating stale leftovers and give them a PC twist instead of creating original characters and games, each of which can be developed into a NEW universe of products. Innovate or die. The reason these huge companies get away with doing this crap is because of the internet and the sheer volume of views they get. It's a lot easier to sell a piece of crap on the internet than it is using a newspaper ad or a billboard. It's still a piece of crap though.

  5. What is your favorite classic Nintendo Game?

    R/C Pro Am 2

    Comment below

  6. How about Twitter accounts run by all of your favorite Nintendo characters? Or a podcast hosted by the Nintendo engineers who port old games to new consoles?

  7. I love Gary but his answer to almost every questions is "make more content at scale" and I'm not sure that's always the answer.

  8. Mad props to Gary for going beyond the typical Mario and Zelda and mentioning lesser-known franchises like Kid Icarus!

  9. Gary says “Mario” like some people “tomato”. 😂 he’s the best!!

  10. Don’t ruin nintendo by bringing it to tik tok…

  11. I’m giving you props,for the direction my new sport is going to take.Thank You 🙏🏻

  12. I would relaunch and update the old popular content, for free on their system and make new version of the popular content.

  13. Probably sell it to buy a play station

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