What to Do About Instagram's Declining Organic Reach | DailyVee 582

What to Do About Instagram's Declining Organic Reach | DailyVee 582

Instagram’s organic reach is showing some serious signs of declining. As the phenomenon becomes more and more prevalent, Gary has become very interested in pushing out content more consistently on the more emerging platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. The key is remembering to never get one-dimensional or too comfortable on a single platform because it’s working. You should always be active on as many platforms as possible because you won’t know what will happen in the future.

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35 Thoughts to “What to Do About Instagram's Declining Organic Reach | DailyVee 582”

    0:40 – TikTok Reach
    7:00 – People refuse to learn
    8:30 – Just make!
    10:20 – Why you should be on TikTok

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  2. What of the audience I DON'T want are the only people viewing my stuff? What if Trump bans tiktok?

  3. It's harder than ever to grow organically on insta but not impossible! I used IG stories ads (which are dirt cheap btw) to grow my account to 10K followers super quickly. Definitely worth it if you're a business and want to unlock features like the swipe up in stories! 🚀

  4. Organic reach on social media is essentially how effectively your posts perform without a financial push. Great content is thoughtful and relevant and resonates with your audience.


  5. within a week of running ads my organic reach went to shit…not much you can do about it other than create better consistent content

  6. So many things that used to be "I wish" are now "I am". I'm so fucking glad GaryVee is alive 🤓

  7. I will never use TIkTok because of it's links to China and the CCP.

  8. Hey Gary,
    I'm following you since 2016 and you have totally changed my perspective about business and happiness in life.
    Lots of love.

  9. This. dude. is. straight up. nauseating.

  10. Im also a youtube guy i can't read shit lol

  11. What's this whole thing about Tik Tok being owned by China?

  12. "Understanding the context of the distribution"

  13. You have to be in it for the business, for the money. If you just look at content on TT, you get cancer very soon.

  14. What should I do when Instagram stopped my adds?I followed your advice and bought instagram adds and attracted allot of new followers within 48hours then all of a sudden they stopped my adds??
    Kindly help.
    Best regards/Sylvia

  15. What do you think? I don't want to spread myself to thin on my social media accounts. I'm thinking about starting Tik Tok but I don't want my content quality to lack on my other platforms.

    Has anyone found Tik Tok to be beneficial for their business?

  16. Tim Tok has been a game changer for my business

  17. Just only listening to you at once is going to make my day Thanks for your advice -"START", I am going to make it

  18. J P

    Okay… I’ll download it… 😅😅😅

  19. 14:44 you mean find a significant others who support you the way Gary supports TikTok 😂😂♥️

  20. I am on TikTok because of you! Instagram was giving me no reach, after posting everyday, 2 to 3 times a day…grew 5000 subscribers in 10 months. Got on TikTok, grew 250,000 in 2 weeks. So THANK YOU!

  21. JMK

    STOP CURSING its painful

  22. Still dabbling on tiktok but already seeing new ideas for video editing, the app is CRAZY with what you can do on a cellphone

  23. Gary has stock in this company he going real Hard for this App 😂

  24. Incredible content & 🆓📚✍🏽

  25. TicTock doesn't even pay tho?
    Is this bout followers?
    This work for free to earn TicTock people to earn money for the Revenue that you put out all over the place all the videos you upload TicTock gets all that not you!
    That's lots of work to getting some big companies paid because they're in dept.
    We seen this b4 with LinkedIn right?

  26. Thanks for the headsup and insight on Tik Tok, and others.

  27. Any advice on how to use LinkedIn if you use it for your full time job, but want to use it for your side hustle?

  28. I always appreciate your advice. I mean no shade when I ask this but are you an investor in TikTok? Is that one of your motivating factors to advise people to create on that platform? Also, you keep your name the same on all platforms. Should I create aTikToc under my name or my business name? Thanks for answering my questions! you're dope!

  29. 100% true about the mom and daughter influence. OMG! I'm a mompreneur of a 15 year old girl!!! They are definitely running the world 🙂

  30. That step-dad is superman. Visited Gary Vee and got a personal video message for her.

  31. Thank you Gary , for clarifying how to put content on tic tok and how to use it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Your info is appreciated.

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