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WHAT THEY'RE MISSING | Instagram Marketing For Musicians

WHAT THEY'RE MISSING | Instagram Marketing For Musicians

Marketing music on Instagram is a favorite subject of dimwitted cringe-factories on the internet. The army of goofy personalities on YouTube and your social media feed promoting Instagram marketing for musicians are selling you a secret shortcut. But, the “latest hacks” is often a better description for them as people than what they can teach you.

The undesirable truth is that growing a real audience (on ANY social media platform) takes repetitive action and time. Marketing music on Instagram boils down to “good habits plus time”. In this video, we talk about the unproductive “growth hacks”, the good long-term habits, and what it will take for you to build a large following on Instagram.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Bad Ideas
1:42 Keep Attention With Recurring Content
2:54 Create A Topic Wheel
4:14 How To Not Reach New People
5:09 What We Use To Reach New People
6:36 Why Trying Too Hard Usually Fails
7:46 Shorter Is NOT Better
9:24 Quick Note About Hashtags
10:05 Carousels Can Crush It
10:45 Highlights Can Help Retention
11:30 Conclusion

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31 thoughts on “WHAT THEY'RE MISSING | Instagram Marketing For Musicians

  1. And I’m gonna delete it ‼️😂💪🏽

  2. Just to throw this out there.
    As a band, we have taken a bunch of these ideas (having a content wheel, carousel posts, longer form text, moderately popular hash tags, etc.) and started putting them into practice and we have had very interesting results.

    For some reason beyond our understanding , the reach of our posts hasn't changed, if anything it has decreased. However, the engagement has definitely increased (specially in our DMs), we had more people reaching out to us, asking for collaborations and feeding us ideas for future content. Admittedly it's still early days but we very curious to know if anyone has had similar results…

  3. Thanks for cutting through the bullshit!

  4. I've never seen an AD from a musician in instagram. Why?

  5. Wise words not to over-glorify IG. It can seem unavoidable for artists apply that philosophy, but it's easier when you begin focusing on developing your domain and products outside the app. Great video as always, Circa

  6. Awesome post! This was very interesting 😁

  7. look at yourself in the mirror bro

  8. Definitely gained a new follower/subscriber/fan whatever you want to call me Lol. Appreciate the advice you give. Thanks

  9. great tips and encouragement

  10. Dude, this is the best video on this I have seen. I have just started a project and was searching hashtags, following accounts, leaving engaging comments but did not understand what was enjoyable about instagram. It felt like work to make a number go up to make people listen to my music. I love the ideas in here, it makes instagram this creative endeavor alongside your music.

  11. Outstanding, thanks Circa. I learned a lot and can't wait to implement a ton of it into my process.

  12. You should make a video on SubmitHub

  13. LOL you totally made this video after I posted in the Indie group! I guess it’s been something you’ve been hearing about a lot lately

  14. Full video on topic wheels?

  15. Great stuff – I especially appreciate the last point. Note to self: Holistic mindset wins.

  16. the quality of the content is going crazy out there! #indiepromember

  17. This is great advice that I'm gonna utilize💯🔥 Along with a few other systems from Indepreneur. Thanks Circa

  18. I don't post often on instagram but when I do post its usually just a recap of what I've been up to for the past couple weeks and I'll just compile it in to one post. Every time I do this the post performs very well. If I dropped 12 singles in a month, by the end of the month I'll make a whole post about it. This strategy has been very effective and it gets more engagement then when I post once every week or once every day. I prefer to post once a month on the feed and a couple times per day in my stories. YouTube is far more important for musicians at this point IMO. This is just my take on this subject, this was a great video, keep it up!

  19. This is a compliment, but I briefly thought Circa was Eminem in the thumbnail of this video.

  20. Great vid as always, much love to the indies out there 🔥

  21. Love this Circa – one of your best videos yet. I love how enthused yhou are in your videos right now.

  22. Facts man!! I'm loving the honest content you're putting out!

  23. Just what I needed… more IG videos please :)) thanks guys

  24. Awesome info thanks for clarifying a lot of things for me haha

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