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What Product Should I Sell On Amazon 4 Steps to a High Profit Product on Amazon

What Product Should I Sell On Amazon 4 Steps to a High Profit Product on Amazon

💰Have you ever struggled with what product to pick to sell on Amazon FBA? Take it from these two long time Amazon sellers who live and breathe Amazon, to learn how to find your profitable Amazon product! 💰

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27 thoughts on “What Product Should I Sell On Amazon 4 Steps to a High Profit Product on Amazon

  1. Hi, I got a question, so what do I get first, A UPC, FBA or the products? I just don't know what the order should be in.

  2. You guys I’m so glad I found your channel. I really like your approach and the strategies you recommend.
    Thank you so much

  3. Amazing info. I am struggling on selecting the product. Need help

  4. Thank you for your videos. Helpful, to the point, and not just an advertising.

  5. Seth i need your advice launching my new Cleaning disinfectant products. Can we talk?

  6. dan rodger is awesome we like him too seth haha

  7. 777

    Thank you. Very helpful

  8. U really gave different views and approach bro, unlike the same old ideas given by all YouTube coach

  9. Excellent video. Great content. Thank you.

  10. Solid info as always. I am from London and signing up for sophie Howards course. Any advice?

  11. Great format video and info, really helpful!! I want more videos like this! 🔥🔥

  12. Hey Seth – you're no actor, but the info is gold. 🙂 Thanks for another great video. 🌈

  13. Hi I always watches your videos, Its Amazing, I'm trying to Sell on Amazon for Existing Product, How suppose to do that, I contacted Amazon Seller & they told me to apply for request a GTIN exemption, I dont want to sell under Existing Product Name, Its Suck…Any Advice

  14. OMG who is this beautiful man!? I SO needed to hear this. My new product is going to be: higher perceived value, larger bundle than competitors , beautiful packaging etc. brand registry listing but initially i STILL had residual fears of using a higher pricing strategy, this conversation helps me know I am doing the right thing by premium pricing! and gives me confidence customers will see the value in it.

    Wonder if Dan suggests using a coupon for higher priced items ($35-$50+) ?
    Many thanks! 💖

  15. P D

    Seth is awesome, but this other dude is just oh god lol🤦

  16. This is gold. Thank you for providing great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  17. Seth, I dont get why u did this video. You are an expert, and you always tell us this info. Why did you get this guy to do the video with you??

  18. E Y

    Thank you so much for taking the time and resources to make this educational life-changing video.

  19. I just found you on YouTube yesterday and BY FAR the REALEST and most knowledgeable business YouTuber I’ve come across. You’re able to point out minor important facts that other youtubers miss or just doesn’t include. Thank you for your content 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  20. Hi Seth hope you are well. enjoing LONDON. How long you plan to stay. I watched many you tube videos of yours. Still confuced how much need to pay for membership or for your Course? Thanks. -Bara

  21. Good info as always! Great idea of targeting a higher price point to get lower competition. Thanks guys!

  22. That video is priceless. a ton of great information.
    thanks a lot.
    what is the name of the guy with Seth? 😁

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