What NOT to Buy For Your Amazon/Ebay Resale Business in 2020

What NOT to Buy For Your Amazon/Ebay Resale Business in 2020

I sell the majority of this stuff on Amazon using FBA (fulfillment by amazon)- teaching you how to use that is my real goal. Maybe you wanna do retail arbitrage and not thrifting, maybe you wanna do wholesale! Whatever it is, I want to help and videos like this are the best way I know how to introduce people to selling online, using Amazon FBA. Ebay or Mercari or Etsy or (insert next site) may be easier, but, for my money, Amazon is the best. There’s always trends and gimmicks, but the amount of traffic amazon pulls from Google + the power their app brings makes it king.


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23 Thoughts to “What NOT to Buy For Your Amazon/Ebay Resale Business in 2020”

  1. Who's the shithead that said you looked like a hobo 🤔 they clearly don't know how comfy beanies are lol🤷

  2. Also, how do you keep track of your expenses for taxes? Do you save every single receipt? Do you hire a CPA and just give them all the receipts at the end of the year?

  3. You are relying heavily on your location. You are extremely fortunate to find so much stuff at your stores. enjoy it while it lasts because it's only a matter of time before more resellers pop up in your area and grab all the deals first. It's already happened in mine. Thrift stores here sell through their entire inventory in almost less than a month

  4. What do you want us to comment?

  5. Awesome video with lots of great info 😎👍🏻

  6. How can you test VCR without a tv attached? Thanks for the great info!

  7. Great points about items you buy that you know you wont test or remove stains for months. I try to avoid those and buy things I wanna list that’s ready to list. Time management. Another great video WBK!

  8. Great video and funny 😄 keep up the good work!

  9. Ha.ha giveum hell. Love it Ha Great video as 99.9999% of time. No boss. Magic words. Oh, ya. not a bad belt. That's what I went back to doing last summer and fall building and remodeling.

  10. Yes! Panasonic phones are definitely bread & butter items. I recently came across a couple marked KX-TGA939T – that model especially is a pretty sweet BOLO!

  11. Dressing like a hobo also has a tendency to protect you from getting rolled when you're in the not so affluent sections of town.

  12. We are still waiting for an answer as to why you dress like a hobo….🤔

  13. I bought a bunch of those Basf floppy disks at a garage sale this year and they sold right away on amazon. I was a bit surprised.

  14. I always look like a murder hobo, only my underware was purchase by me for me. Also I sent in two of the emersons, I won't lower my price to the 25 dollars ill wait 🙂

  15. Don't let the fashion critics get you down, Walter. You have one big thing, among others, that make you successful. You have a likeable personslity. And you seem to be an honest man! Keep the videos coming!

  16. Wow a hobo..well they need to where one of your "don't be a shithead" shirts lol. Thank you Walter. Our crap pile is dwindling down since figuring what we like to sell. Like you, we value our time.

  17. Are you unlocked in Panasonic? Those things are all over the place but I can never pick them up since I'm gated

  18. I almost never find Blue Ray players with power cords… Do you take a cord with you to test them or just leave the unit in the store?

  19. Do you think the odds are good to make atleast 300$ a week?

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