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What It ACTUALLY Costs To Sell On Amazon FBA In 2021

What It ACTUALLY Costs To Sell On Amazon FBA In 2021

This is the no bullsh$t,, most updated and detailed list of what it costs to sell on Amazon in 2021. I explain what each cost is and even provide tips for you along the way. 💰 Get Started With My FREE 4-Part Amazon FBA Training: https://tatianajames.com/freetraining

Don’t be surprised by a cost you didn’t account for when starting your Amazon FBA business. From mandatory to optional expenses, watching this entire video will help set you up for success and plan your FBA business launch.

Over the years I’ve been documenting how much it costs to sell on Amazon. The cost has increased steadily over the years, which was predictable. I forecast that by 2022 the cost will surpass $4k to get started. We always wish we started sooner!


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00:00 Introduction
01:30 Mandatory costs
29:56 Optional costs
46:22 The best places to get started selling on Amazon

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47 thoughts on “What It ACTUALLY Costs To Sell On Amazon FBA In 2021

  1. If no one else has told you, please KNOW that you are Appreciated & Essential! 🎉👑🎊

  2. What happens when your talked into by fast talking, to join and they too $3,999.00

  3. Would like to know more about Bond

  4. What is your estimated timeline for someone who is just starting with this journey up until selling the product on amazon?

  5. Is the package deal included in that $39.99 fba account?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! It was very informative and provided some guidance!

  7. Thank you so much for valuable information.
    Can you advice how do i place real orders? By a purchase order or by email only?

  8. Very well said..inspiring to push a seller💝

  9. Tatianana.
    Do you recommend the course seth kniep(just one dime). It is costly too. I like him. He is charismatic person. I would like to do it with him.

  10. What that cost of the courses with amazing selling machine included, only lecture and couching? I thought it include some of the things that you explained at the beginning where you say from ,2500 to 3,828. So if i choose amazing seller machine. i have to have about 10,000 dollarssssssssssssssssssss, unbailable

  11. Thank you for this super informative video. I'm still in the research stage.

  12. I literally just finished watching your 2020 update and realized that you had a 2021 update too. Lol. Solid decision by me, but here we go!

  13. Who delivers your products from manufacturer to the shipyard and shipyard to 3PL?

  14. 3.20-" Mandatory costs" I've never tried selling anything anywhere, so idk anything about how it's done (yet) but what if I started with Individual anyway and then deleted the account to make another one when i'm ready to go pro, instead of wasting 39.99 right away and lose money if I don't stick with it?

  15. I prefer dropshipping via AliExpress and Shopify. My shopify store has 20-25 orders per day, it generates 800-1000$ weekly, pretty great passive income if you ask me 😀 The most profitable niches are health and pets. All products I copy/paste from website Winnerzila and it works.

  16. Muchas gracias Tatiana por tu amplio conocimiento acerca de Amazon FBA y por compartirlo con todos nosotros. Thanks

  17. very useful, right now im in the learning phase, watching hours of fba selling videos and techniques. want to make money and take it back to my primary business of real estate rentals

  18. Always awesome content. You are helping with product strategies, suppliers and vendor relationships, inventory management, do in essence, you are providing turn key operations for Free.
    So obvious that you were destined to be super successful!
    Please explain how earn a return on your time and expertise. Thanks so much and best wishes.

  19. I have not yet started an Amazon FBA business. I am doing research and I'm glad that I came across your video. There is a wealth of information here, thank you very much for sharing.

  20. I started selling in amazon fba but have not had any sales lately what can I do to increase sales?

  21. Awesome Tatiana I'm saving $ so I can start my FBA one day 🙂👍

  22. Great advice. For people that haven’t done FBA, there’s easier ways to make money quicker on Amazon. Just do retail arbitrage. You don’t have to put tons of money from China products into your business. You can make tons of money just sourcing items at retail to send into their warehouses . It takes a little time to get in gated in some categories, but it’s worth it

  23. My wife and I want to start this business and my dream has been since kid build schools in Africa.Once we show u have same feeling we decided to learn from u . Thanks a lot and God bless you and your loves ones 💕

  24. So you're saying I'm looking at spending $3800 dollars a month to start this?! Well that's the end of that then!

  25. What's better? Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

  26. As a mom with two autistic kids this is what I need to spend more time with them . This is good information I’m trying to be a Amazon seller my self thank you for the video

  27. This quideline is really helpful!!!!!!

  28. your mic needs to chill lol

  29. GREAT video for private label but okay for other established brands what your saying and this video is comprehensive but you do not need that much to start selling $3828 or even 2500 for established brands. You need money for inventory 10 units so if it costs you $5 then you pay $50 bucks, become an individual seller they require 10 units ONLY see if you can sell 10 units then move to FBA and start worrying about packaging, logo, etc

  30. Hi Tatiana, do you recommend to hire a FBA VA to set-up my business since I have 0 experience? if yes, how much it would cost me and where could I find a VA I can trust? Thanks!!!

  31. A million thanks for this video and all your videos Tatiana. God Bless 🙂

  32. 22:30 You said, that annual fee for barcodes is 50 USD, if I understood well, but on flipchart you have 500 USD. Which one is right please? Thank you!

  33. Thank you Tatiana for an excellent concise, and no bs video. I am very impressed with your ability to explain everything without repeating it over and over, and yet be able to explain it well.

  34. Lately u have really been inspiring me and I think its time to take action now I feel like the lion who was raised with sheep and one day a stranger lion came along (you) and teaches the sheep lion that it is actually a lion

  35. Thank you for the Video, would like to know about selling your own product.

  36. I’ve just gotten to the part about mandatory costs, but what do I do once I find a product on amazon? Do I ask to sell it myself or invest on it? sorry Im pretty sure the answer is pretty simple I’m just a bit confused

  37. what about the llc? or trademarks

  38. Thank you so much Tatiana. This video is very informative and I appreciate it very much. I love the way you explain thing, it's very easy to understand. You mentioned things on this video that I didn't even thought about it. Great tips and great referrals. I invented my own product, which is in sourcing right now and your video gave me a greater vision of what I have to go through. Any tips for who has their own product?

  39. This is really helpful! I am in the process of looking for products to sell on Amazon. I already have my professional Amazon sellers account set up ($39.99/ month plan).
    I have about $15,000 saved from my job so far so I’m thinking of starting with at least $5000 to start off with and going from there.

  40. Can't find better than this

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