What is the best breakfast cereal to have with wine? [GaryVee]

What is the best breakfast cereal to have with wine? [GaryVee]

For #NationalCerealDay we are having our CEO Gary Vaynerchuk rank and review how The Empathy Wines Rose pairs with some of his favorite cereals… The results may shock you!

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18 Thoughts to “What is the best breakfast cereal to have with wine? [GaryVee]”

  1. great video except that i can see how the cereals have been sitting there getting all soggy…can't be right

  2. Love this! Going to go find some of that wine!

  3. I fucking love this!! So creative!! I need to try this wine!

  4. Still working up the Podcast (Things I Know). One day, I shall be on that list. Need them puffs! 😂.

  5. You should sell some nice wine glasses on empathy wines. Maybe a box set with a subscription.

  6. That podcast puffs… epic! Need to find one of those

  7. Thank you! Now I'm gonna have to do a cereal and wine pairing for absolutely no reason lol. I appreciate you Gary!

  8. Finally! I have been waiting and waiting! Thank u!

  9. Why the fuck would you drink wine with cereal 😂

  10. The original Wine library video is one of my favourites, showed this to everyone when I did WSET in the UK! Love your work Gary!

  11. Apple Jack's might work? Let's see…

  12. Loved this!! Never had Podcast Puffs 😀, but of the other three cereals, Fruit Loops is my favorite. Will have to try it with my Empathy wine when it arrives! (Can’t wait!) 😍🍷

  13. I’m speechless!!

    Wait … I’m not actually. Tiny wrinkle to the tasting. You needed the HONEY flavored Cherrios for a real punch of flavor. THiS VIDEO MADE MY WEEK!!! 💜🍷🤯

  14. Hey Gary! Cool disruptive content haha. Question and deal.

    1. How do I find myself?

    2. I wanted to try Empathy a long ago ( finally 21) I'll buy a bottle and you send Podcast Puffs. Will review them both

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