What if Gary Vee is wrong? | Important advice for beginning online brands

What if Gary Vee is wrong? | Important advice for beginning online brands

Mental health might be more important than you might think – and please don’t get me wrong here – I consider Gary Vee a huge inspiration and truly one of the greatest internet minds out there.

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I just think a lot of people, especially people starting out might understand a few crucial things the wrong way – setting them up for a path of failure. Let me explain.

This video is about the hustle culture – not taking any vacation, treating yourself and no time for sitting around. You have to hustle and work for 10 years straight, going through clouds and dirt. The thing is, reality looks different and if you’re not cut out to be exactly like that, you’re going to have a bad time – and not only your mental health will suffer – I dare say you put your whole future as an online entrepreneur at risk.

Now, that being said – I “hustle” constantly. The thing is though, the stuff that I do doesn’t actually feel like work and this is where a lot of people might misunderstood our dear friend Gary. But more on that whole thing in my, kinda ranty video.

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35 Thoughts to “What if Gary Vee is wrong? | Important advice for beginning online brands”

  1. Don't get me wrong here – I absolutely admire Gary, so no harm intended at all. I just like to show a different perspective on that whole matter.
    BTW – don't forget to download my FREE Blueprint on How To Turn Followers Into Fans and Clients: https://go.heydominik.com/blueprint 🚀

  2. Thank you dude. Nice content and good small talk for listening. Greetings from Slovakia 👋.

  3. yes, exactly. mental health is the most important. thank for the video

  4. I am suffering from this it's a "Burnout" i started working on instagram, was really passionate and full of energy! But working 10hrs every day on instagram, after 3/4 months i started to hate what I loved and I need help my accounts are suffering and my mental health

  5. I am a big Gary V. fan but I 100% agree with what you are saying

  6. He’s certainly good at what he does.. the whole hustle grind greasy head in a beanie thing is cool for him.. but people should take what he says and apply it to their own lives – take what works for them and use it and throw the rest out, like anything else.. 🔥 vid tho

  7. Great video great perspective !

  8. "You're probably smarter than me"

    I'm literally 13 mate, are you sure about that?

  9. Dominik this is one of your best videos.😉😎🤓🙀👐🏾👍✌🏾

  10. R M

    You are the cutest 💜 Thank you for your advice !

  11. I love how you put a more realistic approach on this. Thank you

  12. Gary is wrong about a few things.

  13. I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting much less likes upon posting. We’re talking much less. Big drop. Is it just me?

  14. Thanks man. You are really a big help. I agree life is not only about hustling. Like Tony Robbins said "success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure". We should do things that excite and make us feel alive. I wish you all good luck guys !

  15. Agreed, makes good sense. A more balanced take on all of this is really timely so thanks for sharing Dominic.

  16. Hi Dominic,
    100% agree. You need to be passionate about your job! It’s the number one for success. Don’t copy other ideas, just adapt with your goals. Find your own style. Gary is a great what he does, but people don’t want to watch one more Gary they need smb new.
    Enjoy watching. Thx for sharing such great content.

  17. Gary Vee's Biggest Fan?……..Gary Vee. 🙂

  18. gary vee trying to predict the future, and flex when he does. Im just here to teach people how to make grow memes

  19. Great video, Dominik! Been in a love hate relationship with Garyvee's content for a while myself

  20. Wex

    Only got one thing to say: Gary pushes everyone aggressively towards SELF-AWARENESS, and he always stresses that he's right for him, and he doesn't mean he's right for everyone. Literally his every 3-4th post includes this message. But maybe some people will need this video you made, so 🙌🏼🙃 I do totally agree on the point you made that you can over-consume even the good stuff, resulting in analysis paralysis.

  21. People need to listen to people like garyvee but apply it in their own way

  22. Gary is a hypocrite lol

  23. "All the answers are already out there, it's just a matter of finding the right questions" I agree so bad! I really hope everybody watches and does not just comment here and form an opinion based on the title. I just watched it and there is zero bad talking about gary.

  24. here before he hits 100k subs

  25. You talk bad about him right after saying you admire him. Get off his nuts and make videos about yours. You gave nothing to anyone and your level is below Gary

  26. Great video. Hustle Muscle. 💪🏻
    I’m honestly in support of the culture. I flipped stuff on CL, until I had enough cash to flip houses, and now I’m posting on my YouTube channel about the success I’ve had to help others. Glad you decided to become a YouTube and share as opposed to becoming a lawyer. 👍🏻

  27. You are really improving your vid quality. Good stuff man. I'm not sure if I agree with this since it's all about how you interpret Gary's advice but still nicely done!

  28. I really like the direction where this channel is going 🙂

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