What I Learned MOST From Spending $50,000 On Facebook Ads Last Year

What I Learned MOST From Spending $50,000 On Facebook Ads Last Year

I spent $50,000 on Facebook Ads last year. This is what I learned.

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To start, nobody will ever be selling you a course for $100 teaching you how to make $100,000. Chances are any “guru” selling you a course is most likely richer off of you than they are from the product they are selling.

The next thing is that the product that you are currently trying to sell most likely will work. What I learned from the start of Facebook ads when I started dropshipping on Shopify in high school is that a lot of the time it is not my product that I am selling but rather my ad itself that is preventing me from becoming profitable on Facebook.

How do you create a profitable ad? Testing is the absolute key. It is normal for me to spend $500-$1000 just testing my ads from different colors, different videos, people, etc. then move on to targeting different audiences and so on until I had a high-converting ad as well as the proper audience that was targetted.

The next detail that I would like to share is the importance of paying attention to detail. The business concept as a whole is what anyone can do, the details are what set you apart. You need to make sure that from your profile picture, your title, business name, and caption are all set because this is where you can make your difference.

Finally…the moment you guys have all been waiting for…watch the video to see my main tip!

As always, wishing you guys nothing but the best. Let me know in the comments if you guys have any feedback or would like to see anything else.


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  1. I JUST started a plan to finance my future and I am so excited! Ready to get to the top 10-20% of what I am doing!!! yay!!1

  2. Love the videos. Very good improvement 👍🏼

  3. There was so much value in this video Arian. Never thought about leaving an ad to keep a strong testing process! I respect your focus on the details.

  4. Love the point you made about attention to detail couldn’t agree more

  5. Great one today! Love your story man keep posting content like this

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