What Happens When You Report A Scam Ad To Facebook?

What Happens When You Report A Scam Ad To Facebook?

This is a followup video to the one in which I investigated a scam ad for a smartwatch that I saw on Instagram.

In this video, we will examine some more egregious examples of scams – this time on Facebook; we will look at the actual stats of what happens when the scam ads are reported, and we’ll answer the question: Why does Facebook allow this to happen?

Here’s a link to the original smartwatch video:

The music in this video is called ‘Mist’ by Odonis Odonis – from the YouTube music library


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49 Thoughts to “What Happens When You Report A Scam Ad To Facebook?”

  1. As a person running a small buisness Fb marketing has been one of my most effective sales channel, both in terms of cost efficency and in overall sales. So even though FB might not always be trustworthy, it does really work. And if you are running a small buisness you often don't have much choice than to pick what works.

  2. I'm already vegan, I didn't need the chicken scene…

  3. It’s common sense, how else can they become so big and full of money.

  4. I saw a life-sized sex doll resembling Kat Dennings ad on Facebook that said it was only $75.00 so of course I ordered one. Six days later I received an old Teddy Ruxpin doll wearing a dress and lipstick with a wig glued to its head in the mail.


  5. I always report every ad I see on FB for every possible reason, regardless of if it's violating any rules. They stopped showing me ads after a while of doing this, popping back up for a day every few months or so. I sometimes get a notification about an ad I reported up to a year prior being removed

  6. I'm sorry, but I usually don't buy off Facebook at all. Ebay is usually where I get my stuff from. That and RightStuff.

  7. Lol I love how people think they are the smart ones. Like everyone in the begging was just flexing how they knew that its a scam and atomic shrimp is an idiot that didn't know it. He clearly knew it and it just shows that the people at the begging are the true morons.

  8. I disagree with the view that they don't need to listen to users as they're the product. A hen has no choice but to be in the slaughterhouse, but we do have a choice, we have no obbligation to stay on Facebook, there is no gate that forces us to stay. Facebook needs to convince his "hens" to stay, and without using force. Sure, people's attention is the product, but no people=no product, no product=no customers. If enough people leave facebook or use adblock on facebook then they will inevitably have to choose between changing their behaviour and going bankrupt.

  9. I’ve not been on Facebook for a good few years now. Best decision I ever made no scammers, no keyboard warriors no attention seekers and definitely no Facebook employees monitoring every post and picture you were contemplating posting. Definitely do not miss the site. 👍

  10. Ok. This is the thing. Some of these people seem to be gloating and calling you an idiot. Yet they didn’t pay attention to the video or they would have known you bought it on purpose to show it’s a scam.

    So if they’re not paying attention to the video, are they are smart as they claim?

    Maybe so, maybe not. But we can all potentially fall for a scam. It can be about vulnerability and we all go through a time of when we’re vulnerable. It can happen to anyone.

    Edit: You’re brilliant. I like what you’re doing here. Sorry if it seems like flattery, it’s not. It’s a compliment. It’s the way you’re repeating certain messages in each video like “if it seems too good to be true” or “you know, details you should never share with a stranger on the internet”. It never gets old or preachy. You’ve many fans. I just wish more people saw your videos.

  11. You should do more scam/fraud videos

  12. One of the major platforms I wouldn't trust is facebook. Another is google.👎

  13. Every single day I report several ads as "Misleading and Scam". I made a video showing some ways how to recognize a Facebook advertisement as a scam from a fraudster. Help identifying if the advertised product and website is a scam from a fraudster, and how to protect yourself in case the product and price makes it unclear if it is a scam and you contemplate a purchase. The scam identifying and purchase protection steps I discuss, can also be used towards advertisements from other than Facebook. https://youtu.be/qLkOYhJlSp4

  14. oh god, smoked a bit too much so i sat down to watch one of your videos, was not expecting this one to take such an existential turn 🙃

  15. My phone is 30 bucks so don't buy

  16. Thank God don't have a Facebook

  17. My Facebook account was cloned and I reported it to Facebook and they said it doesn't fall within the guidelines

  18. I'll just share my experience before watching this video bc I'm kinda pissed. So, a fake acc added me to friends, which advertised porn site, so I reported the acc and i got a message back from facebook saying "No rules were borken". So advertising porn on facebook isn't against fb rules. (Also, it took me 6 minutes to reverse image search the REAL person in that photo).

  19. I was one of many who got scammed by a site that WASN'T an obvious scam, wasn't a 'sale' item i.e. I ordered what was advertised as a stained glass window ornament of a pair of Kingfishers from a company called Gracias Zone, and the price, about £30, is what would be fairly normal. What I and others got was a cheap and nasty piece of plastic, the likes of which you might buy in Poundland. I went to Gracias Zone website, their address given in in Oregon, USA, but a couple of e-mails and I discovered that's fake too. I looked to facebook Customer Services and the reviews were lousy. So, now what I do is paste the following onto any advert that appears on my facebook page "No point putting your advert on my page, I, like many others, have been defrauded by scam companies facebook allows to advertise. In the spirit of the age old wisdom, 'once bitten twice shy', I will never buy anything advertised on facebook. ". It has upset a couple of bona fide traders, but that is the point i.e. that only when the honest traders are aware they are, or maybe, losing business because of scammers and complain to facebook, will something be done.

  20. No way…..I- I- I can't believe my Tesla Model S from shadychinesesite.com for 68.99$ IS FAKE!

  21. YouTube does the same shit because they accept bribes from the scammers in the form of paid ad space

  22. 1:30 I'm sure that the image is a voyo vbook i7-plus (some Chinese brand) ~$1000 or £730 if you get it from a non-scam site

  23. Just buy your sht in person you shouldn’t get scammed but if you do just kidnap their kids or parents

  24. Don't pay attention to the people spitting puny attempts of burns at you like that. These people are most likely bitter and probably also don't know what fun is. 😛

  25. 4:30 – "industrial chicken farm" – WOW, how rude, disrespectful, disheartening and overall barbaric! You have no faith in humanity, sir.

  26. 1:30 – $38.8 would rather be the retail price for its backlighted keyboard alone.

  27. solution: don't use Facebook, shitty platform. Thanks for the vid

  28. Lol I hen you make a video about a scam and people yell at you for buying it like what

  29. I only have a facebook account for mobile game save progress and mobile game rewards

  30. just hot a german marketing add "how you can make xyz in half a milie second" realy ironic

  31. reported a page today, facebook replied the business is legit, despite having created his account the same week and selling luck.

  32. The only use I see with Facebook these days is to link my mobile game accounts.

  33. Got a scam ad before this video

  34. here's one promising a Bugatti veyron for 8 pence

  35. facebook is just a massive cesspool

  36. S L

    Everyone should delete Facebook. It's disgusting. They don't take privacy and security seriously. It's a market filled with hackers and scammers. The amount of fake messages my friends get from a so called "Facebook lottery" is insane. Facebook doesn't do anything when Reporting the falsified identities. Do yourself a favour and delete that crap.

  37. Here we are a year later & now every ad on fakebook is a scam.

  38. You should buy the windows tablet to see what you get

  39. You aren't the customer, they are.
    As long as you use Facebook and connect other services, they know everything about you and that's extremely valuable.

  40. What about these YouTube ads? I heard lit solar battery charger packs are a scam?

  41. When Zuckerberg stole Facebook from the Winkleveii and then further defrauded them in the settlement why would anybody be surprised that Facebook = Fraudbook.

  42. Loved the video did a paper three semisters ago about ads and AI and algorithms effects on social media

  43. Maybe a stupid question, but if you buy these scam products with paypal, don't you get your money back so at the end the scammers loose money ??

  44. Buy that cheap tablet laptop see what comes.

  45. There is the problem, YOU are not their "product" as you say, but instead impressionable children and old people who don't know better

  46. I would never dream of buying anything advertised on Facebook even the semi legit ads the prices are inflated.

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