What Gary Vee Isn’t Telling You

What Gary Vee Isn’t Telling You

Let’s have a real discussion. Gary Vee is keeping you poor. Spring2019 is still going on for a bit longer incase you want the 18% off on one of the below. Remember, there are two paths to success and my goal is to clarify the two ways to wealth.
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50 Thoughts to “What Gary Vee Isn’t Telling You”

  1. He snuck in an advertisement to gain trust. 😆

  2. people don't understand that in this world there are many ways to be successful, it's just you need to know yourself. Another thing I don't like people who want to uplift themselves by bad talking others.

  3. Some people are born different. Some people love the feeling of working your ass off. Those who don’t have that feeling won’t understand.

  4. Loved this perspective. Thank you

  5. He inherited 3 million then took over his family wine business, Gary is a fraud lol

  6. GaryVee is not telling you how to make money, Gary is encouraging people to stop doing jobs they hate just because society or their parents think are good jobs with good salary… He is just telling you that it's worth it to have a job you love and make 30,000 a year than have a job you hate and make 60,000 a year… Now this doesn't apply to everyone as your path doesn't apply to everyone… Also you use Gary to have views which is not bad or good but it shows a side of your job… The difference between you and Gary is that gary produces positivity when you are producing negativity… Most people like + more than – … So when you understand that maybe you will stop judging others that way… You know nothing about what GaryVee is , you know nothing about who your neighbor is , until you sit down and talk with them and be ready and willing to really hear what they have to say while you have shut the mouth of your inner ego…

  7. The problem here is the end goal is money. What if someone has goals beyond money and dedicated themselves to an idea, a purpose that they would not exchange for any amount of money

  8. So if every one is Gary Vee, who is gonna be the consumer? 😂 But on the serious note, not everyone is cut for being an entrepreneur and give in his/her 18 hours everyday. Everyone has limitations they have to really consider before taking any step. Some steps can be really life changing, for good and for bad. So instead of taking a quick decision after that "goosebumpy" music and a great speech by any of these so called entrepreneurs, I'd say, analyse your circumstances well and try evaluating the outcome of any decision you'll make.

  9. Wrong. That's not what he actually says at all. He says to work your 9-5 and work on your side hustle on your spare time. Then when your side hustle/passion pays full time quit you job.

    Path 2 is actually what he has always promoted. Gary V would agree with everything you said. He just pushes people to go out and do something. Get your premises right first.

  10. Completely false information about gary vee.

  11. It's hard to apply Gary Vee and what he teaches to real estate. He's about building business and creating a community around business and all those things apply differently to real estate

  12. What ever happened to this outro and this Kevin?

  13. From seeing your first video about gary and this one, its clear that u only hear what your ears want to hear from Gary Vee. Gary talks about what worked for him, and he doesn’t recomend his type of hustle, he hustle like that because its his passion, create businesses around multiple things. Gary always talks about doing what works for u, and he encourage to back up your ambitions with actions, cause many people just like to talk. And if u only research a little more about Gary u would see that he talks about what u told here, that theres not only path 1 and path 2, THERES MULTIPLES, it all goes back to what works for you and what makes u happy. So instead of taking out of context the words of Gary to have views u should better take his advice, give give give and then ask, not take (cause at least both of your videos it was all about your product at the end)

  14. There are 2 ways to build a biggest building in town

    #1 just build the biggest building in town.

    #2 build a decent-size building and tear down every building that gets your way.

    -Gary Vaynerchuk

  15. Hi Kevin. I am new to your channel and I am loving all of the videos I have watched so far. I have spent my time watching much of your video portfolio and hope to watch everything you've put out to give me more perspective. I am currently buying my first house (for personal use) and I am also saving on the back to prepare to invest in my first rental property in 18-24 months. I am choosing to wait this long as I have at-home projects I need to complete before I can commit myself to another project. I am working my current 9-5 and paying on some debt! If you ever make it to Ohio I would love to know. Thanks!

  16. I have a feeling if #GaryV did respond it would go something like this.

  17. Meet Kevin, he is selling you fear while tearing down another individual. Sure you probably wont make it so why even try. Keep the job you dont like and take heart that Kevin is here to rescue you. What a bunch of bullshit.

  18. TBH I took path number 2, I was building wealth and owning a business while I was in the military for years and when I got out Investing & entrepreneurship it became my primary income, nothing is wrong with a job I see many many "mentors" online dog a job like there horrible or your a bad person for having them, while they had a job or a few, "mentors" need to think that being a full time investor or entrepreneur isn't for everyone, yes we all need money but don't be little other ppls paths,

  19. Wow, Kevin you must not have watched enough Gary Vee videos. I really respect the information you provide on your channel, but this post is very inaccurate. I recently started following Gary Vee and watched countless videos and his message has always been to become self-aware of you are and to pursue entrepreneurship if that is truly your calling. He always promotes a different way of life than the one he lives and he says working a job that pays $45K a year is the best life for those who enjoy that and time with their families and being a PTA parent for their kids. His message is honest and organic and never once does he promote a program or try to sell you stuff.

    I really disagree with this video. 🙁 You can’t judge the intention of a person by watching a couple of videos and drawing a conclusion. Use your social platform wisely and with integrity. This was super disappointing.

  20. Another get rich real estate scam. Great buy the course.

  21. You're missing his point clearly. 🤪 GARY Vees name is giving you more views! 😂 Clearly a clickbait. 😂

  22. Do you have any positive videos?

  23. You‘re missing the point, there are people that really really hate what they do…

    I quit but I had 4 years a side hustle which is now my business.

  24. It's a shame you don't have a the first clue what you are talking about when trying to summarize Gary's "message"…. then go on to try to sell your courses based on over generalizations and paraphrasing yet you haven't achieved anything close to the amount of success and admiration Gary has achieved. Keep sellin' that snake oil though buddy. You threw a right hook before I could even remember your name… Great sales tactics….. The funny thing is other than doing a terrible job of building value before trying to sell me something, you've also used every one of Gary's suggestions for creating content. So it's keeping everyone but you poor, ehh? I also love how you leeched off Gary's name to get some views… Is that a tactic you talk about in your bullshit courses?

  25. My Cuban ass couldn't concentrate when the salsa music came on, haha.

  26. I wish Gary would respond to this. 😀

  27. I worked overtime at my job and bought real estate on the side. I quit to stay home with my daughter for a few years. But I'm back working now because banks won't loan to people who collect rent for a living. Im hoping to buy more during the next downturn.

  28. Garyvee preaches for people to do things in life that make you happy and that happiness is the ultimate ROI, whether your making $30,000 a year or $1million a year, as long as your happy. If you watch some of his recent videos he explains context of the message he has been sending out all along, to be happy.

  29. I take path 1 any day, side hustle was the way to go, I was just scared, I was working at charter making 17 dollars a hour or 950 dollars every 2 weeks, I quitted and my first week I was fucking scared, then I got a gig for 2k square feet of tile and I got paid 5k for 14 hours of work, ever since I hired 3 guys on my 3 month and I have been rejecting work because I get a tons of call per day soon I am getting 2 brand new truck a new equipment. All thanks to Gary who gave me the motivation just to try. That chatter spectrum job stills there if I decided to ever come back. But fuck that

  30. Gotta say, I gotta give this guy credit. He has no shame to promote his course in every video.

  31. These Scotty Kilmer-like memes are kinda great

  32. At least he is not selling some course

  33. Honestly, I can see Garyvee’s point, but, the side hustle can’t pay the bills, then what will?
    Should wait for side hustle to grow.

    Also for the part of investing while working is a Yes, sadly most people don’t invest because they think it’s dangerous and simply have no financial knowledge, that’s why the internet exists for “learning”

  34. Awesome video. I appreciate honest people. There are people who say they are honest but tell white lies about their business and how they truly make their money.

  35. I appreciate all you do but you need to rest, you work hard you rest hard, very important!!!

  36. Hey 👋 Kevin, I got sick of eating sh1t for 25 years and went to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 to expose Sailfish Funtime and came back🇺🇸10 years later with ✌🏾kids so as I could keep hustling but, NO more “eating 💩 “ and “working free” for guys like GaryVee

  37. If Gary Vee read the 4 Hour Workweek I think his head would explode haha!

  38. What font do you use in the video?

  39. I find the problem that this dude has made 2 videos about Gary

  40. Gary Vee is great and all and has the right mindset to hustle and put in the work. The fact that every second you need to is a bit much but it’s to push us more than we’re pushing ourselves. I also find it interesting that watching him is great but if you watch all the time that’s time not executing. Even he says Once we get it we shouldn’t watch him anymore 🤔

  41. why don;t you interview Gary Vaynerchuk

  42. Path one is starting a business path two is becoming a iinvestor

  43. Very good points once again.. Must at least maintain same income or live at home til 30+, lol.

  44. This is why I subscribed to this channel in the early days. Kevin was the FIRST youtuber to state facts and sustainable strategies. Most people can’t do entrepreneurship and side hustles. Most people need their job as a foundation to get started in real estate or their business venture.

    It’s called the 2 prong approach.

    Stay grounded, milk that W-2 income and invest.

    Keep up the great vids kevin! 👍🏽

  45. Meet Kevin 🔱Good information ℹ️ that’s exactly what i think 🤔💭 your next video should be title: 7 WAYS TO BUILD WEALTH with 0 or low Risk ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ show us how and were to start putting the Money 💰 🙏 Meet Kevin I will vote 🗳 for you in 2020 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂✅

  46. Please stop promoting your course so much Kevin, Your content is great but the constant promotion plus google adds is too much.

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