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Wendy's Twitter: Roasts & Viral Marketing [Riley19]

Wendy's Twitter: Roasts & Viral Marketing [Riley19]

Wendy’s Twitter: How they Succeeded [Riley19]

Today we look at the Wendy’s Twitter, known for its “roasts”, “clapbacks”, “burns”, and so forth. We also talk about why they succeeded in an Internet full of companies trying to act cool.
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0:00 What is Wendy’s?
0:07 The Allure of Viral Marketing
1:09 Intro to Wendy’s’s Twitter
2:31 Wendy’s’s Twitter Goes Viral
3:13 Rolling with the Momentum
4:54 “Nuggs for Carter”
6:02 Pandering (A Fine Line)
6:30 Viral Marketing and Sales
6:55 Other Viral Brand Accounts
7:33 The Proven Road to Virality
7:45 Wendy’s Now (2020), Branching Out
8:09 Closing Remarks
MoonPie easily runs the funniest corporate Twitter account.

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17 thoughts on “Wendy's Twitter: Roasts & Viral Marketing [Riley19]

  1. Huh.

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    Going to gently press the bell icon.

    The pressure is on.

  2. i just discovered your channel through your video on r/froggychair and honestly i think you’re going places! you have a very soothing voice, which is obviously good for content like yours. the layout / timeline of your videos is pretty good as well. they’re informative, entertaining, and fit very nicely into a reasonable time limit. i truly hope your channel grows more, keep up the good work bro!

  3. The Denny’s Tumblr account is really something else

  4. Whattt? This channel only has 283 subs?!!

  5. Yo this channel is a hidden gem

  6. Just binged your channel, your videos are very entertaining and it looks like alotta research goes into them. Keep up the great work!

  7. Your Reddit post got me to binge-watch every video on your channel, and I'm subscribed now because one of my favorite topics of history is history on borderline-useless shit, and memes are definitely snug in that category. I thoroughly enjoyed every video you've made, and look forward to more.

  8. Love your work mate hope you go viral some day

  9. This is some high quality stuff for a guy with under 200 subs

  10. You make well thought out and researched videos. You should definitely have more subs. Try getting viral shares. Maybe get wendy's to tweet the video lol

  11. Nice Videos, keep up the good work!

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