Watch People: Analyzing Christian from Theo & Harris

Watch People: Analyzing Christian from Theo & Harris

Christian Zeron is well known for his vintage watch shop “Theo & Harris”. He runs the Theo & Harris youtube channel as an marketing instrument, provides informations and advertising for his watches.
He has a large fanbase, but also critics.
In this video you may learn more about the personality, his biggest influence Gary Vee, his net value and other aspects.

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38 Thoughts to “Watch People: Analyzing Christian from Theo & Harris”

  1. Hey man! I USUALLY don’t watch stuff like this – not because I reject criticism but because the information is almost always weak, leaving the opinion baseless and often hateful. That said, I’m glad I took the time to watch your video. I think this was a very fair analysis and I genuinely appreciate it. There were a few mistakes (who could blame you???) but the only point of disagreement that I think is important to address on our watch shop. While certainly not as affordable as eBay or some new retailers (almost all of whom have no overhead), 80+% of the inventory is not only competitive with the market but on leaning on the low side. I know that sounds CRAZY and I’ll never deny making a healthy 20-30% margin or drop names and hurt the competition in such a cheap way, but it’s true. That Date model (with the ivory Arabic dial) you chose to examine ran me over $2700 with service and frankly, I think I STOLE it and I think at its retail price, I’m able to pass it along to its future owner at a wonderful price. Anyone would be hard pressed to find another example, nonetheless one equally appealing. Of course, that’s just one example and it’s not real evidence, it’s anecdotal. Still, I think it’s great to hear both sides of the conversation. Again, thank you so much. I’ll be staying tuned.

  2. You should do CRAIG SHIPP next. Can't wait for the analysis on his past pedophilia and his Trumpian hyper conservatism and insecurity with comments section trolls.

  3. I did a quick look around online and those 1601 and 1603's are right around the $3-5k+ range online. About 2 years ago they were much less, but because vintage is hot right now, places like T&H, Crown And Caliber, Chrono 25, etc, have pushed the prices up on these models. Even on eBay, you are not going to get into a decent piece for less than $3k, and that's with no box, papers, or even the correct bracelet. It's just the market. You compared online prices with in-shop and that's not really fair. Where I live there are no Rolex dealers within an hour of where I live and they don't sell used. In order for me to see a used piece from a reputable dealer, I would have to travel out of state or find a local broker, and last I checked, a 1601 would run me over $3,500. Again, no box, papers, or warranty of any kind. I'm not saying you are wrong, just that, small shops can cut prices to move product, where an online store can reach millions of potential buyers and the market will help dictate their prices. I nearly bought a 1601 from T&H about 2 years ago when they only had a few pieces on the site, and then they were $3100 or so. I should have done it, and sold it, if I knew they would nearly double in price.

    Great analysis video. I really do enjoy these and look forward to the others that you do. May I suggest Just One More Watch or The Time Teller. Both are growing channels and I would like to hear your take on them.

  4. Enjoyed the video. Could you please do one on yourself. Thank you

  5. Do bark and jack or the time teller or even just one more watch

  6. Jesus christ, this is beyond embarrassing. You have a series of videos in which you 'analyze' other YouTube watch vloggers? Are you a grown adult?

  7. Such a wonderful and sharp assessment! Please do the same with Federico.

  8. Tim, I admire your style, your playing and your knowledge but I find these analyses a bit snarky (and inviting turnabout). That said, I keep watching them.

  9. Still think Christian is beyond gay

  10. I've dealt with Christian via email and he has always been a class act. He is approachable and helpful. I've never purchased for him but I enjoy his content and back story. Love his family focus and his "american dream" entrepreneurial drive. Thanks for the fair and balanced review. I enjoy your channel.

  11. I don't really have a problem with Christian or T&H. He's pretty upfront and honest about his purpose on youtube (selling watches) and I really appreciate his hot takes on watches and brands. But most of all he doesn't ever parrot back the usual shitter watch advice!
    Compare him to that absolute hack TGV and the completely uninspired Teddy, Christian is lot more authentic in his watch related content.

  12. is that a fender telecaster behind you?

  13. I love these videos, Caseback! Very fun and revealing.

  14. Christian is living proof that a sucker is born every minute.

  15. I find that these videos work better on mute

  16. Thanks again for your contents with purity. Nice picture, no time wasted, interesting information that no one so far gives us. Giving us info about the people who usually give us info.. HOW ABOUT Teddy Baldassarre NEXT?

  17. The best way to get into buying or selling watches for great prices is to establish yourself on one of the more popular enthusiast websites like Watchuseek or Timezone. Once you've established yourself as a reputable buyer/seller, you can get unbelievable prices and establish good friendships and professional relationships. I've been doing that now for twenty years and have been lucky to get some amazing pieces at incredible prices. When I want to sell, I rarely lose and sometimes make some money. For example, I just purchased an excellent condition Heuer Monza Calibre 17 Heritage for $2,500. The seller was eager to sell, and I jumped on it. It wouldn't be difficult for me to sell it today for over 3k. The minute you deal with online retailers, you'll deal with markup, so unless they have some kind of warranty or return policy, you're definitely taking a huge chance and can lose a ton.

  18. Why is there a Strat leaning against a coffin in this video?

  19. Believe what you will about Christian, I don't care honestly, but it's probably best for some dudes here not to get their panties in a knot and be an asshole about it. I find it so ironic how many watch enthusiasts and "gentleman" in this community always name call like a bunch of edgy 12 year olds or go "hE's ToO lOud. hE's aNnoYinG." as if they expect an Italian from New Jersey to be some quiet, reserved, Baby Boomer. Great analysis, Tim! Glad I found your channel

  20. He needs to get a ROWLECKS! Specifically a steel sports STUNNAH

  21. I would advise taking this information cautiously. He may be right but after checking out some of his other videos he does look like he’s out to get these youtubers rather then simply providing objective information

  22. I really cant stand this snotty kid with Daddy's money and company name made up because sound like cool names ,He's full of shit and a greasy little nerd

  23. Nice video. Fair analysis and worthwhile stepping back and thinking what is being offered, its content and authenticity.

  24. This discussion has also taken place on the Watchuseek website with regards to Christian/Theo and Harris. I think many think is a fight between older more seasoned watch lovers and the "New Guard" which Christian is apart of. I will just say I think he sometimes leads young watch newbies down the wrong path. Many accuse Hodinkee of the exact same tactic. On Watchuseek, several fans of Christian blame the buyer for their own ignorance (lack of knowledge).

  25. The Rolex shortage (and the way it's spurred on the used Rolex market) are fascinating. Basically you have too many rich people in the world right now. China has a new capitalist class that's finally starting to spend its money. The west bailed out Wall Street and the banks in 2008 and made the working class pay for it. The bankers, of course, kept getting their bonuses. So now Rolex can't make enough new watches to satisfy the market of people with 5000-10000 dollars to spend on a watch. It's not like there aren't quality watches being made. You can actually buy an Omega or a Breitling new. But it's not about watches. It's about the marketing. Everybody wants Rolex or Rolex adjacent. That not only means a watch brand associated with Rolex (Tudor) can sell watches with the same standard ETA 2428 I have in my 275 dollar Certina for over 3000 bucks. It also means that selling used Rolex's online becomes a viable career choice for an enterprising young millennial like Theron (one smart enough to recognize that there's currently space marketing on line because the old school Swiss companies don't get social media). But fret not, there's an easy solution for the Rolex shortage: Guillotines.

  26. Thanks Tim, your analyses are quite fair and insightful! I am not a T&H fan, but I feel everyone needs to understand that he is young and ambitious. I can't fault him for that.

  27. Your insight into these youtube characters is clinical, yet thoughtful. Nice video!

    Teddy Baldassare or Tim Mosso for the next one!

  28. So other people's ideas but he does the work ? No ? So other people's ideas and work but it was his money ? NO ? Well Damn ! My cat's name is Tonka, he is a very nice friendly cat ! May I ask if these same people will give him the ideas,work,money and he can cash the checks just as easy as this other guy who is not that nice ! (: (ok make the checks payable to me as his manager, and I will make sure he gets the cash).

  29. Doing a hustle on the web is not finding a job. I think he i still on break after college ! He will do this till something easier comes along ! lol

  30. Great video. I'm glad people are seeing through this kids bs.

  31. How does Christian overcome the obstacles and obstructionists to his career goals ? … Lots of wine !

  32. I enjoy Christian (& friends) as entertainment, I did contact Theo & Harris about a watch I was interested in to see if he was flexible in the pricing, as I figured there would be a premium over eBay but wanted a fair deal. I messaged them to ask if the pricing was open to negotiation, the return message was that they would offer a $15 discount on the watch (without asking what watch I was interested in or what I was interested in offering for it). While I continue to follow along with the content for entertainment, that experience certainly discouraged me from future interest in being a Theo & Harris customer. As you mentioned however, much of the content is made with entertainment value beyond objective facts, specs or advertisement and I do enjoy some of it, regardless of my interest in being a future customer.

  33. If you are just the slightest accomplished in judging characters and combine that with a basic knowledge of vintage watches, you'd very quickly conclude that your money is spent more wisely elsewhere than at T&H.

  34. Whoever came up with the phrase: 'never bullshit a bullshitter' should have added the caveat '…or a German!'

  35. I can't watch theo and harris because of christian. He's very egocentric and loves to hear himself speak. Not into that personality.

  36. There are some good people that are willing to part from a little more money just to say they bought it from Theo&Harris. Those people have lots of money to burn and they are just fine with that. They trust Christian and have grown to love him and his crew. Buying a fine mechanical time piece is an emotionally pleasing exercise. Mostly because we don't need really need watches anymore. We're all back to pocket watches:::: our phones. I buy Hamilton becuase I have an emotional connection to them and I like what having them say about me. Likewise to T.H. client's………………. I just want to know when that watch fool is going to ask Anna to marry him. Jajajajajajajajajajaja jajajajajajajajajajaja 😜😆🤣😂😁😜😆🤣😂😁😜😆🤣😂😁😜😆🤣😂😁😜😆🤣😂😁 She's Beautiful, Intelligent and has a Great Sense of Humor. Plus she's secretly in love with him. Well not so secret. Have you seen the way she looks at him?….. Hmmmmmm

  37. This can be an interesting channel-T and H. However, the bottom line for the consumer is price and condition. These watches tend to be high in price and the condition lower than desired. In addition, they are often too small. As is often the case on utube or elsewhere, don’t fall for the hype.

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