Watch Me Build a Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Beginner Tutorial]

Watch Me Build a Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Beginner Tutorial]

Are you struggling to make your Clickbank campaigns work? In this video, I show you exactly how to use Facebook Ads to make profitable Clickbank campaigns.

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This video is a recording of a live video training which I did in my Facebook group. The tutorial consists of selecting the offers, creating a landing page and making & setting up the ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

Not only will you see how everything is done, but you’ll also know WHY. The biggest struggle for most beginners with Clickbank is they do not understand either HOW or WHY to utilize certain tools.

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There are a lot of free tools available you just got to know where to find them

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only.


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38 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build a Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Beginner Tutorial]”

  1. Nice video. One question: with the ad sets you are showing at the end with Facebook ads, for the target group you selected and a daily budget of 20 euros (as you did in the video)… what is the average cost per result you obtain ?? Thanks in advance.

  2. do landing pages so simple actually work? ive seen landing pages minimal like this and others that are like a mini sales page and im not sure what is better

  3. I just got off the computer. I ended up making signup form on mailchimp to which when they sign up they get a free ebook then after they put their email for the ebook they get the ebook but it sends them an email right after to the clickbank offer. I do this because I'm running a facebook ad right now $20 budget just as a test. Facebook doesn't like clickbank so I used the ebook as a buffer plus I'm building my email list for future offers!! I'm most likely going to send one more email to my existing list on the clickbank offer

  4. You don't use conversion campaigns? just traffic?

  5. Thanks for the video, I watched the whole thing.

    I'm looking for my first affiliate product. Is there a best niche or set of niches that you would recommend to start making money when you have a small budget? I plan on solely using facebook ads at the start. Are higher or lower ticket items better to sell at the start?

  6. Hey why didnt you collect their email?

  7. I subbed when you said outloud "I'm selling you on clickfunnels" Thank You. You CAN be honest in this biz.

  8. Great tutorial! Just curious. Why did you not use photo with baby on the actual FB ad? Also, I saw that actual FB ad should match the photo of the landing page? More power! Thanks!

  9. wow awesome information thanks for sharing Colin much appreciated

  10. When selecting images from google how do you know if they’re copyright or not?

  11. conversion lookalike audience cbo

  12. Since you don't own the clickbank checkout page that means you can't run any purchase Lookalike auiences. So are you still able to be profitable just using landing page views , and retargeting?

  13. Great bro, this is very good information for Beginners like me.
    Very informative.. You rocks….

  14. Thanks for the great info Colin! Before you run the Facebook Ad do you create a Facebook page similar to the offer? Or do you create a Facebook page in the same category as the offer to avoid getting banned?

  15. Can I get some help please do I need to have privacy policy terms of service ect in footer of my landing page even do I’m not asking for information of the Potential customer and all that information will be on the offer page need help as this problem is stopping me as I don’t want to get shut down by Facebook thank you

  16. damn that's a really complete wholesome package product. they provided a lot.

  17. Amazing sir ….lots of love from India

  18. @colin Dijs Bedankt voor de info! Ik vraag me alleen af of je nog een video hebt die het resultaat hiervan ook laat zien? Ik ben benieuwd wat voor een winst was er uitgekomen van deze ad. Verder wou ik graag weten of we dan gewoon die hob/affiliate link van Clickbank of Paypro rechtstreeks in die facebook ads kunnen plaatsen i.p.v dat we dan een landing page hebben?

  19. Hey Colin, great video, I just have two questions.

    What do you do for the terms & conditions and the privacy policy on your click funnel and when you mentioned adding a domain on Facebook to get rid of the ugly cliclfunnel one, can I use a domain on its own, or should it be one linked to a working website with hosting and content etc?

    Basically I own a domain but it's just sat there in my godaddy account as I don't want to make a start with a full on website right now, I just want to run ads and clickfunnels.

  20. Do you create a new FB page to run the ad on?

  21. Hi Really Nice video. I am newbie & Learned a lot from you. However have some followings queries? Please suggest . Thanks
    1. Is it mandatory to add privacy policy and disclaimer on footer of affiliate landing page?
    2. Where can I get the content from?
    3. Can I copy affiliate offer page's privacy policy and use it on my LP?
    4. if I use the privacy policy and other terms related links then where should I redirect them? on our landing page or affiliate offer page?

  22. WOW…^^ this info is so nice and thanks.
    It would be a super help if you show how to get or make the footer for the terms and conditions.

  23. AMAZING INFORMATION – very impressive how easy you make it seem


  25. Hi Colin..thanks for the tutorials.
    If I design my own HTML landing pages with an email optin form, how do get the page to redirect to the offer page after the use clicks on the "subscribe" button to my email list?


  26. Wow, this was very interesting and super helpful!! Thank you, Colin Dijs!!

  27. One thing I didn't like about Cinderealla was they provided you with a bunch of graphics BUT when I was using PPC under Bing and using the Image Extensions I had a problem fitting in the images with the needed sizes.

  28. Do you usually go with traffic campaign over conversion?

  29. Your desktop, you need someone to clean your desktop

  30. Thanks Colin for the video and sharing your information.

    Since you are using a FB pixel, how do you deal with retargeting – how would you filter retargeting to customers who already purchased?


    Would you simply just retarget to people who have not clicked on your “click here” bridge landing page?

    It would be great if you could retarget people who landed on the product page but haven’t converted yet. I don’t think you can do this since you don’t own the conversion page.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

  31. How did you figure this stuff out

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