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Watch live: Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos launches Blue Shepard to the edge of space

Watch live: Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos launches Blue Shepard to the edge of space

Jeff Bezos says his dream of travelling into space was born when, as a five year old, he watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon in 1969.

Fifty-two years to the day, the Amazon founder and richest man on the planet will blast off in his own rocket to make that dream come true.

Mr Bezos will be joined by his brother Mark and the two people who will become the youngest and oldest to travel to space.

They will also be the first humans to lift off aboard the New Shepard rocket built by Mr Bezos’s Blue Origin. There will be no crew on board as the launch is completely automated.

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38 thoughts on “Watch live: Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos launches Blue Shepard to the edge of space

  1. Bezos cronies everywhere.. this was so 1960s…

  2. Come on! Does anyone really believe this isn't mostly a CGI production?

  3. .. Jeff Bezos has flown to the moon today… Well, maybe not quiet that far…
    … and he is getting a lot of flak for it – rightly so in my humble opinion – for polluting the environment and generally being an arrogant asshole that most of us somewhere deep down would like to be…
    Well, some time in 1995 I was an impoverished student in residence at the University of Washington in Seattle and I was always in need of cash.
    At the time my best friend Kelly worked for this small company called Amazon that operated out of two dumpy warehouses not too far from the centre of the city… And she asked me if I would like to make some extra money.
    – Doing what? – I asked.
    – Packing books into cardboard boxes… – she said and shrugged her shoulders as if packing books into cardboard boxes was a relatively no-brainer way to make money in this brainy world of ours (well, my other job offer was from a slick businessman and a righteous Rotary Club member, who turned out to be an arms dealer: he was selling decomissioned Russian tanks to the newly created African republics).
    – Well, why not, I thought… and I ended up doing a couple of shifts there, which in hindsight I find very illuminating…
    Most importantly though, the whole experience has left me with one indellible image: I remember a slightly overweight company director, yes he was Jeff Bezos, wearing a sweaty greenish t-shirt and huffing and puffing as he was passing me weighed down with a massive cardboard box that was full of books. He could hardly lift it. I watched him moving across the warehouse floor in a zig zag fashion, trying to make it to the other end of it (we all seemed to carry those massive book-filled boxes somewhere to yet another end of the warehouse)…. As he was passing me by, our eyes met… I still remember the veins bulging on his forehead…
    Well, that is where he started. Trust me, he did not look like a billionaire he is today in those days. He looked like, pardon me, a desperate slob trying to make a go of his fledgling business in the very competitive book selling market.
    Today the same slob is the richest man on planet Earth and he has just flown to the edge of the space on a very expensive and environemntally-unfriendly whim. Terrible… But maybe we are just a bit jealous…

  4. And then they all fucked.

  5. Good to know the comforts of Amazon workers have been utterly disregarded in order that the Bezos family can go into space, in exhorbitant comfort, atop a rocket shaped like the end of a penis! In the words of Russell Brand, "Jeff Bezos f**ks space!". What an unsurprisingly perverse and needlessly ostentatious illustration of exactly what needs to change in our society…before it's too late, or before the billionaires have colonised their own space station, looking down on the rest of us burning in an entirely avoidable climate catastrophy caused by them.

  6. The rocket is retracting.

  7. Why the hell are we just fine with rich assholes using enough wealth to end poverty to shot out in space?

  8. so when does he start his program of producing parentless/familyless clones for astronauts? cos there is no way that anybody traveling to the nearest solar system is ever coming back.

  9. Wouldn't it have been funny if the rocket exploded on the way up … himself & his money going up in smoke 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Jeff Bezos is a great man!

  11. Also if they were the first humans to fly to space then what were the other ppl? Aliens?

  12. WTF It looks like a giant C$&K…..missing the balls though😜

  13. Am I the only one that thinks that space craft looks like a giant penis?

  14. Wow n heres me thinkin Earth is already in Space duh 🙏🙄🙏

  15. Looks a bit old skool to me… I think virgin galatic seems cooler than this old looking dldo crash landing you'd also think jeff couldve used a camera from a fulfilment centre to show us inside in space?… Boring to watch..

  16. For some reason people are not impressed about the archivement. Years of sci-fi and CGI movies made this scene like already seen and better.
    Not easy to impress anyone this days.

  17. Take Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and Dorsey back to the mothership too next time! They should stay up there and leave the good people of earth alone!

  18. i guess that everyone who has ever bought from Amazon should be regarded as a shareholder of this travel , ' cause without these money, this space travel would have not been possible

  19. Very sad! He should rather pay his employees very well. OR BETTER THE money he throws in the air, donations to the poor

  20. Sehr traurig! Er sollte lieber seine Mitarbeiter sehr gut bezahlen (TARIFVERTRAG ZB.ODER NOCH BESSER DAS Geld was er in die Luft schmeisst Spenden an die Armen


  22. I want the flat earthers to fly up and see if the earth is flat😅

  23. SPACE RACIST He's the wealthiest liberal in the world so the media isn't allowed to mention it.

  24. It is only fair to show the entire trip from the inside of the capsule! All the scenes they have shown in the video can be easily produced on earth!

  25. Is anyone else bored of watching billionaires showing off their vast amounts of money on pointless space projects.

  26. “Reaching orbit takes over 30 times the energy of a suborbital flight. 18,000 mph vs 3,000 mph and 400km altitude vs 100km. Kind of puts it into perspective as to the sheer challenge that @spacex has overcome and the huge lead they have in private space flight! 🚀”


  28. Total waste of money and earth pollution

  29. fake is usual. no billionaire will put himself to this trash cane.

  30. This is Fake, dummy doll is inside

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