Warren's False Facebook Ad

Warren's False Facebook Ad

Elizabeth Warren is buying ads on Facebook that falsely claim Mark Zuckerberg has endorsed President Donald Trump — a ploy used to showcase that ads posted by politicians need to be fact-checked.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign sponsored the posts that were blasted into the feeds of U.S. users of the social network, pushing back against Facebook’s policy to exempt politicians’ ads from its third-party fact-checking program.

The ad begins with a lie: Facebook’s chief executive officer “just endorsed” Trump for re-election. It quickly backtracks to the truth.

“You’re probably shocked. And you might be thinking, ‘how could this possibly be true?” the ad said. “Well, it’s not.”

Facebook’s fact-checking policy allowed Trump’s team to share ads on the social network that allege former Vice President Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion for firing a prosecutor. Biden’s campaign has dismissed Trump’s allegations as a smear.

“What Zuckerberg ‘has’ done is given Donald Trump free rein to lie on his platform — and then to pay Facebook gobs of money to push out their lies to American voters,” Warren said in the ad.

Biden’s campaign has written to both Twitter and Facebook asking for the ads to be taken down, but the platforms refused, according to technology site The Verge. It quoted a Twitter spokesman as saying, “The ad you cited is not currently in violation of our policies.”

Facebook’s decision to allow Trump’s ad contrasts with CNN, which rejected a request by the president’s campaign to run what the network called two “demonstrably false” claims.
“If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believe Facebook should not be in the position of censoring that speech,” Andy Stone, a spokesman for Facebook, said in a statement to CNN on the ads.

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26 Thoughts to “Warren's False Facebook Ad”

  1. Its Bloomberg…can you trust anything they say….DO YOUR RESEARCH!


  3. Under Medicare for All, will I be reimbursed the money I've already paid for health insurance? Last year, I paid more than $6,000 for health care coverage.

  4. How can any one listen to what Poke a hinney stands for and say…Yep that sounds good…

  5. Warren lied about herself. What can she lied about?

  6. Corporations are more afraid of Andrew Yang.

  7. The whamen it a pathological liar. She will fit in just right.

  8. The real story is the changing of the policy that before didn't make an exception for political ads. #somethingisrotten

  9. Fucking problems all the time , fucking problems non stop u moth********

  10. Fuck Facebook…..fuck politics….and fuck the left!!!!!

  11. well thats her 3 rd big lie , shes on a role ! BERNIE 2020

  12. She may as well pull out now. With Zuckerj** against her, she's done for.

  13. Gotta love how they say Warren placed an ad…..but not once did you see or hear in this entire video Warren say, "I endorse this message."….
    Learn how to filter Trump's and his crony's lies people!
    He is the one that is putting lying ads on FB that is to blatant for regular television.
    There has got to be a point where his supporters stop thinking this is a conspiracy cooked up by all of the reporters, all of the other Party, all of the FBI, all of the CIA, all of the people that used to work for him and all of the intelligence community…….

  14. I love how they have used the FCC as an excuse. The FCC has been destroyed under the Trump administration. In case anyone has forgotten, the FCC is being headed by Trump appointee Ajit Pai. That's like using the person you are benefiting to vouch for your honesty. I'm not completely convinced her ad is a lie. Looks to me like FB is taking sides and is putting itself on the wrong side of history.

    Can't wait till President Warren gives them both barrels once she's elected. Zuckerberg is foolish to make enemies with the next President of the United States. And cocky too.

  15. Everyone foaming at the mouth, believing every media story from the alphabet networks are supporting CAPITALISM!
    This includes Facebook, twitter, and a multitude of other entities! If you use these sources, you are supporting CAPITALISM!
    CAPITALISM definition… Is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

    Cue in on… private owners for profit…private owners for profit…private owners for profit…private owners for profit…private owners for profit…

    The media is controlled by…private owners for profit!!!
    Sorry Elizabeth Warren, you are supporting CAPITALISM!

  16. when old people try to explain the internet to other old people.

  17. “Facebook believes political speech should be protected,” a spokesman for Facebook said on Saturday. “If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believe Facebook should not be in the position of censoring that speech.”

  18. Yeah as if we believe any thing Facebook says anymore. The only reason they are so eager to help Trump is because Warren said she would break up companies like them. And lo and behold suddenly lying fake ads against the top candidates are okay now. Whatever you think about Warren, Facebook is dirty, crocked and underhanded for certain.

  19. No she’s crazy , like Hitler Hillary , And Biden. Trump 2020. Never again be a liberal

  20. Really cool that your end of video overlay blocks the quotes.

  21. Screw Facebook nothing lying hateful treansonus Trumptards.Bernie /Elizabeth a winning ticket for the American People

  22. Just when you think The LYING Hag Hillary is gone, up pops another LYING, Phony, Dim-O-Crat, wrapped up in the ugly body of Wacko, clueless, Lefty, fool, Pochahonky! Please Lord, make it go away.

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