Walmart UNDERCOVER Retail Arbitrage Fba | They Almost Denied Me

Walmart UNDERCOVER Retail Arbitrage Fba | They Almost Denied Me

In this video i do undercover Walmart retail arbitrage for Amazon fba. The Walmart Employees almost denied me to buy this product. They almost said no, this was a hot bolo Walmart clearance item. This Walmart Haul is epic!

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37 Thoughts to “Walmart UNDERCOVER Retail Arbitrage Fba | They Almost Denied Me”

  1. Check out this Retail Arbitrage Playlist:

  2. thank you sooo much for showing how it works! i personally have a problem with going in for items that are locked in… most of the time, they are locked with a price that isnt what it is advertised as. so i get scared on asking if they can scan to check what they really cost:((

  3. I won’t tell 1 employee why I’m buying but will tell the world of YouTube.

  4. If you say it’s for your employees, and when you try to use your tax exempt card, story doesn’t match. I suppose you could buy the phones to sell to your employees to make the story consistent. You would collect tax then.

  5. I’m
    In Cambodia but my dad needs a phone. Lol.

  6. Hoe did you know about the sale? Can you check if they’re available in port lavaca, Texas Walmart?

  7. The issue you may have is the audio recording. In most states you can’t record audio in public or privately accessed places.

  8. Love all the cry babies in these comments. Id do the same thing, I never tell them why I'm clearing stuff out ahaha

  9. What a douche. Unsubscribing

  10. Hey I once convince these girl I was Kevin costner n she believe because I believe it lol bcs

  11. Walmart confessions I watch keep em coming

  12. Good to know there is a restriction since I have those phones on my list too. As always a helpful video. You learn something new every day!

  13. Every time I go into Walmart and buy clearance items the cashiers always ask if there is any of that item left or why I’m buying x item for ? Last night I bought 30 of a certain clearance item and I had just about every Walmart employee walking by the register to see what I was buying .

  14. News story from October 20, 2006 states, "Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to limit each customer to two prepaid cell phones per purchase amid complaints that entrepreneurs are buying the subsidized handsets by the hundreds to resell at a profit, according to people familiar with the matter."  Though there were concerns by law enforcement about the anonymity the devices provide and the possible use in bad acts, the primary reason was the possible loss of revenue by the wireless phone companies.  Been that way for 13 years so no big deal. I am retired law enforcement and know of no law preventing  more than 2 at a time. Walmart can have their own policy dictating what it can sell and how many at a time.  Stores do it all the time by putting limits on sale items, specials, and other popular items.

  15. My man, no reason to say anything

  16. funniest thing about ra is giving the employees a reason why you're buying x amount. I just make up random stuff haha got to love it!

  17. Yeah Buddy . Rinse n repeat … Nice wrk

  18. SAD,…you had to say all that,…you were just trying to get them to bite to get something on film. 💯👎. UNSUB

  19. Omg what a waist of my 8 minutes.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Not sure why you felt you had to lie to buy these phones and you recorded yourself doing. Kind of makes me wonder how trustworthy you are and how many other times you have lied just to get views and subscribers.

  21. You didn't have to give them all that info about your business. And reason you buying them.

  22. Great video.

    Did you find those phones using Brickseek?

  23. I ran into this at Walmart a year or so ago. Bought a bunch of clearance flip phones for $5 each (sold for $40). The floor manager just rang separate transactions like this. Never did research the real reason, just took the money and ran. Thanks for the knowledge!

  24. Balsy move Shane! 👍🏼 keep it up!

  25. I chased the Verizon Kyocera Cadence a few months ago. I hit Just about all of NC and some of SC getting them they were clearance at $7 apiece. The two per transaction would lock my card up because doing to many back to back purchases. 😂 I had to call and get the card unlock at lease 7 or 8 times. Expect returns brother out of 60 phones I got about 15 returned, But at 43 a pop I still killed it!

  26. I was not aware of that restriction. I wonder if you could just do multiple transactions in self-checkout, and not have to deal with any questions from employees.

  27. im not a terrorist i promise. hmmm. ok

  28. Great job Shane! Now that is what I call a successful buy. That cashier was super chill and liked his response. I don't care what he does with them I just want to get paid. Best response from a worker! More people like him need to work there!

  29. They were thinking….Drug dealer or pimp

  30. Bet ya that employee is a watcher and he'll be like HE LIED TO ME!!!! LIARRRRRRRRR. If you are that cool employee message below this, I say hi : )

  31. I had this happen to me last summer crazy!

  32. "I run a import/Export company" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣… so do I..

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