Walmart Clearance Deals that Make Money Online by Retail Arbitrage

Walmart Clearance Deals that Make Money Online by Retail Arbitrage

Walmart Clearance Deals that Make Money Online by Retail Arbitrage. I will sell these finds on Amazon FBA for a profit, and yes some of the clearance i found was Hidden Clearance.

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39 Thoughts to “Walmart Clearance Deals that Make Money Online by Retail Arbitrage”

  1. Check out this video on how to Retail Arbitrage:

  2. Question, how can you be sure these items are going to sell? Is it because they're being sold, you feel(or)know you'll be able to sell them too?

  3. 6:21 those dolls behind cap I think r bts k pop boy band how much r they I bet u can flip them in a second

  4. I found a oversized shower head from a good brand for $15 on clearance. It sells on Amazon for $50 so almost $20 profit in it. It has a sales rank of 1,160,105 would you but it. I'm new to Amazon and don't know much about it. I bought one but there was 10 of them in the shelves

  5. With the basic individual seller account, if I pay .99 per item sold, do I drop that off at their warehouse or do I have to fulfill that myself? What’s the difference between the shipping/sold item part of the plans?

  6. I have a quick question on this great video… What app did you use to scan the barcode for eBay?

  7. Calculators are in stationary! U were just there!! I stocked that dept for 6 years!

  8. just wondering if you scanned the BTs dolls. I saw they were $5 they sell for about £20 on Amazon here in the UK. Not sure if they would be good on Ebay or other app since BTS is very hot right now.

  9. My clearance isles are all going bye-bye as the stores bring the Christmas stuff out.

  10. That captain America was in the home category. How much were those BTS figures

  11. Use the Walmart app to see if there is a location.

  12. Hard to do retail arbitrage, if you locked out of almost everything on Amazon..

  13. In my area the calculators are locked up in electronics

  14. T F

    the pink or rose gold TI calcs? my store was supposed to have 6, but when i had them looking for them in the back, they pulled a box full of a different model out that had a walmart inventory sticker for the rose gold ones attached the wrong box, but they were obviously not the right ones…no wonder Walmart's inventory is always off. I've got some good peoples here who'll look in the back for me.

  15. Get that moneyyyy!! Another great video bro!

  16. Those .20 Cent lunch thingys. I so would've bought all those up!! I would've just sold locally. When I sell locally, I'm pick up only, so I'm not wasting gas or no shows 😁
    When I went sourcing at Wal-Mart the other day, I didn't see those in my store 😓

  17. Another awesome video Shane…Always keeping it real…Appreciate it😊

  18. I couldn't find the calculators either 🙁

  19. Way to go Shane! You killed it for sure! Congratulations on a great sale day yesterday!

  20. Who did your very cool main page Wallpaper? Scott got a cool one also:) I'm Jealous haha!!

  21. Dang for 20 cents id but the lunch boxes I need some lol

  22. W@$$UP!! SH@NE"O"M@C How am I suppose to take off price tags when you don't make a video, haha j/k I know your Hustling Hard!!!

  23. Which platform do you prefer / most opportunity overall ebay or amazon?

    Idea: 20 cents buy them all bundle them in one ebay listing at 1.00 and sell as wholesale.

  24. Damn I wasn’t the first this time lol. Great video as always. I got something interesting to tell you all. I talked to a Walmart employee and they do take clearance off the shelf. Interesting….

  25. At my local store an item I have been selling for over a year at regular price hit clearance, look for a Pioneer Womans Lotion Pump (2 pumps). My store had it for $5 and I have been selling it for $22ish

  26. You missed a huge potential profit on the large Similac Advance tubs. I bought 17 of them at $9 each. The profit was unreal. SCAN EVERYTHING lol

  27. I’ve looked for calculators several times and always come up empty handed done chasing them

  28. Tanking one item at a time good job

  29. Definitely a decent clearance haul! Out of curiosity, how do you prep the plush for FBA? Just giant poly bags with the fnsku label right on the bag? I tend to overlook plush, but I’m probably making a mistake…

  30. Yup a lot of competition indeed and even more now. Oh check those screen protectors people as they have began to tank. Never ever ever buy anything you see on a video because it’s about the easiest thing for a creator to vlog about and the worst thing for a reseller to do. The calculators are a wrap too once the blabbery begins thanks youtibe😂🤷‍♂️

  31. I looked for the Ti 84 when they went to $59 as soon as it came on Brickseek and again when it said $30. Both times quantity was 3 but of course no employee knows anything about it. I did see the handheld scanner and it said NONE on the sales floor. Naturally I was like ok not here but what about the back. Nope, would not look. Ahhh… and the first time they were marked down I was there in no time and ironically I saw a daytime employee, whom earlier that day while working was randomly scanning some pens I bought. Weird! Anyway, she was there scanning on her off time. Perhaps she knows where the calculators went? Lol…ugggg

  32. Duuude, what was the baby Formula marked at? That stuff sells fast on ebay. Sell in a lot of 2 or 4.

  33. Got a bunch of rokus last week for about $9-11 and sold them for almost retail price on eBay . I have also been buying a bunch of timex watches . They are selling great for a little under the retail price . Couldn’t find any of the calculators over the past couple of weeks

  34. Little or small Hauls are Learning experiences. I feel like we get smarter with every haul. Learning how to perfect our TIME.

  35. Nice haul buddy. Hey is Magic Jack ok to sell on Amazon ?

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